Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I've been a fan of leopard printed shoes for a few years now, totally committed to view the print as a neutral. My current pair which is getting dangerously close to retirement is a sort of brogue in a soft syntetic material that I got lucky finding when visiting Colombia for work, a mall in Medellin to be more specific, in one of the nations version of an H&M for a laughing out loud price of approximately $20.00, that was 3 years ago...cheap shoes...3 years...yeah...

This means the new pair needs to be both pretty AND rock a reasonable cheap price if at all possible. As for style my inclination goes for the smoking slipper, very gentleman relaxing with bourbon after dinner of me.

The online market is brimming with style options but not many manage to look quite right, as leopard can go from cero to skanky pretty darn fast. Mall combing will come soon enough to search other options and in the meantime will refrain from wearing my current leopards to extend their life a bit.
The examples below are close to what I want, all very dainty but strong at the same time, the prices are not horrible exactly for the quality I guess but after $20.00 the bar is darn high, but I guess that amount won't get me what I want any time soon, it was a freak shopping magical moment.

Anyways the last two shoes are not exactly what the current inclination seeks but oh so pretty, a special moment to stare and dream was necessary. The Jimmy Choo ones could use a hue change but oh I´d still take them home just as they are.

Any suggestions on where to continue the search?

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