Friday, January 11, 2013

Prabal + Target Collab: The Wish List in Images

I have to say I’m a big admirer of Prabal Gurung, so getting to ogle the look book of his collab with Target was a very satisfying way to start my morning, the prices are just fantastic between $19.99 *ahem* $20.00 -----you see retailers think round numbers appeal more to the consumer and would consider it cheaper even if the difference is one cent---- and $39.99 so we’re really good on this shopping venture come February 10. From the First Date print sweatshirt to the Floral Crush print blazer/long sleeve tee the collection is full of cute wearable offerings that would be a fun addition to any closet, it is hard to limit the choosing to say just 3 items so get thinking now so you’ll know what to run for…

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monkey see...Monkey like...

Such a cliche to say I NEED something but being at the begining of a new year...2013 according to the chinese is the black water snake...and me being a Metal Monkey finding this Amadeo lava, black diamonds and oxidized silver ring is a fun way to salute the new year.

The sad part is NAP's website says I need $2,900.00 to be able to say hey to 2013, not cool, at all. Anyways I really find this quirky little ring all kinds of awsome so I keep in mind I could always put up a donation bar towards buying it, right?


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