Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best in Show: Elie Saab Couture SS12

First off let me clarify when I go shopping the trend for me is to maintain a respectful distance from fru fru embellished things specially if they are heavy on the sequins thus lays the mystery of my love for Ellie Saab.

Maybe the almost Lesage quality to his embroideries (and lightness of the overall effect) makes a difference. Or the fact said embellishments are on a runway and not a rack at a local store plays tricks on my eyes vampire glamour style or it is a repressed personality trait and I just need to start wearing dresses that could convincingly impersonate a treat at the closest bakery to feel complete…

 Behold my picks for best in show:

Hello meringue

Cassata is that you?

Good to see you guayaba filling

Ummm lemon pie

Strawberrie mousse you blow me away!

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