Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Loafer Styling Inspiration Since it’s Wednesday

Yep Wednesday being the belly of the work/school week calls for a little pic me up.
This girl knows how to dress herself. The minidress is cute and perfectly complemented with those fantastic grey loafers. My school shoes were never this cool…how about yours?

pic via The Sartorialist

Monday, July 18, 2011

Next Best Thing to No Clothing

It’s hot. Clothes should be optional. Sadly not the case. This is a good option.

pic by The Sartorialist

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Le Bal des Roses: Dior's High Jewelry Collection

OMG! Is this a collective drool moment or what? I’ve got no clue as to the price of any of these pieces but… we can dream. Hell I’m going to decide which ring I like the most and start visualizing it on my finger.
Victoire de Castellane collections always manage to take my breath away and this homage to Monsieur Dior’s favorite flower the rose is no exception.

The soundtrack kept reminding me of cartoon ducklings gliding on a pond. Do you remember it?





BAL de l'OPERA earrings


BAL de MAI earrings






Monday, July 11, 2011

Forget the Foulard Check Out Marni's New Sunnies!

So the focus is the foulard I know but what really calls my attention from this pic from Marni are the sunnies. Shot of color and a little metal, what’s not to like?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

End of the Week Treat: "Night Temptress" Tom Ford Fall 2011

Guys I'm tired. Like beaten to a pulp tired. I've been busy on a project for the last two days and man I need like a 48 hour sleep marathon plus a reviving vitamin infused juice every half hour afterwards. For a day. Yeah.
If you want to check out the rest of Tom Ford’s red eye project Fall 2011 campaign go to FGR.

Tom Ford Fall 2011 Campaign pic by Mert & Marcus via Fashion Gone Rogue

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's in the Details: Stephane Rolland Haute Couture 2011-12

The details that made up the dresses at Stèphane Rolland’s collection are swoon worthy, at times more than the outfit itself but that then is preference territory. Like Armani Privé Mr. Rolland had some japanese infusion, mostly obi's knotts and armors. A hit for me was the fact embellishment was focused on twisting fabric or adding sculpted metal rather than the usual paillettes and crystals.

As a whole the presentation made me think of space operas which explain why I went for neon’s and darkness in my illustration.

The styling had a futuristic vein and the makeup winked at the fabulous ladies of Dynasty/Dallas. I’m not a fan of that purple lipstick but for the purpose of this runway it works. Would you wear this lip color?

Glove love!

BTW: all pics -but the illustration- tnx to and Mateo Volta via

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Illustration: Givenchy Haute Couture 2011-2012

So far the shows are looking good and since Haute Couture is more than evening gowns it is really good to see more casual options on some runways…Givenchy with all that white was not one of those, still it is so far my favorite collection, guess all those shiny shiny crystals are making me biased.
Ricardo Tisci created one dreamy confection after another. They must be heavy. Some of those wispy things probably weight more than the model wearing them. A bit towards the same lines of the last collection, but that’s his thing and he does it well. Visually all the frocks were light, for all the feathers, embroidery and what not’s, but then having a “runway” with the advantage of natural light and the romance of water flowing under a bridge as the background probably helped.

pic via Givanchy

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th: The Start of Haute Couture Season 2011/2012

Partied your long weekend for all it was worth? Now moving on to a different sort of festivities Haute Couture Shows are here wohooooo!!!

Too much? Yeah ok.

But admit it couture is fun we could even start a drinking game it’s the time to feel inspired by fashion’s not so commercially oriented side. All the attention to detail on a single dress must at least make you smile in a thank-God-I-was-not-the-one-to-embroider-that-dress way, yep think of that when you are in the middle of a boring meeting this week and smile…see Couture has calming qualities.

Ok enough of that let’s get to business and head out to see what Suzy Menkes had to say of Dior’s first show sans creative director.

Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal HC pic via

backstage at Christian Dior pic via

more Christian Dior pic via

backstage Giambatista Valli pic via

Giambatista Valli pic via
I look at this detail and can't help but think of confectioners sugar flowers on a cake...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Net-A-Porter Editorial 2011 vs. Streetstyle 2010

If these two outfits went to a party they would feel uncomfortable, maybe one of them would go home to change.

The left one is from Net a Porter’s Summer in the City shoot starring Honey Davis-Wilkinson, the photog was Koray Birand, the stylist name was m.i.a. and the right one is courtesy of chic girl from the streets taken around may 2010 by Stylesightings.

Now this post is not about pointing fingers but to illustrate how creativity runs in circles, like an algebra problem: two people go about the process in their unique way but arrive at the same result. And you’ve got to admit it’s kind of a funny coincidence, well maybe not if you are, as in the case of Natalie Massenet’s brainchild, a retail leader that is supposedly a trend maker and style influencer or at least aiming for that with your editorial arm. It’s possible the stylist responsible never saw the streetstyle picture, or maybe they did, liked it and forgot all about it –but the image kept floating in the subconscious- until it weaseled itself onto an outfit when the building blocks were right. The proportions, color distribution and fit are basically the same (well excluding the bag size and shoes). Which outfit do you like best?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kate Moss: The Actual Wedding Dress

Finally after all that speculation the dress is here! I like it. Works for her with the flapper-ish styling. Part of the interest was due to Kate Moss being a mayor style influencer the other half was the dress being designed by Galliano. Whatever he may be/say/do cannot cancel the talent. Do you like it?

pic via Grazia

Prabal Gurung's Resort 2012 + Rye Rye = Fun!

Ok this works! I was expecting Rye Rye to wear more looks from Gurung's Resort Collection but at least what little she wore was good on her.

Pleated Skirts: 3 great ways to style them!

Pleats have been on my radar a lot since the year began hence they have been referenced before at The Castle.Now, pleated skirts are top on my current favorites they are fun and easy to style plus they work in every length as the street style pictures below demonstrate.

Carolina Engman

Almost every single piece of Carolina’s look is from Zara, no mayor brands need apply, it’s quite a short skirt –in leather which enhances the cool quotient- made shorter visually because of the pleats so by covering her upper body things balance up. It all looks very modern and well sexy in a non-tarty way. This can also work with a neon clutch for a pop of color instead of the leopard she added.

 Stockholm Streetstyle via Fashion Capuccino

Now girlfriend here is going for a look that looks cool without trying too hard while avoiding frumpiness. The bag bothers me a bit to be honest, but I guess that’s part of these-clothes-just-fell-on-me attitude. Not everything needs to be too perfect or maybe she just didn’t have a better bag for this. Anyways the fact the pleats are closed up to the hips is great for reducing bulk and playing up the hourglass figure the fitted jeans vest and belt create –oh yeah zipper instead of buttons only helps here-

 Stockholm Streetstyle

Hair envy alert! Seems whoever is on the phone is annoying her no? Like she sort of tried to summon a smile when she saw the lens. Now maxi skirt with accordion pleats + pumps I have mixed feelings: flats or sandals or high heeled sandals would have worked better, something is off. Otherwise it’s such a great look, the monochrome theme elongates and even if both top and bottom are slouchy it still works, probably due to the lack of extras.

How are you wearing your pleated skirt?


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