Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tom Ford's Fall 2011 Video Edition

Yeah, a bit behind on the Tom Ford news front but better late than never or maybe I missed some bloggerdome rule on expiration date for posting...mmm.
Whatever. Maybe you have not seen it?
To be honest even my love for Mr. Ford can not make me like a few dresses on this here video.

Boxing Kitten Fall 2011 vs. The Kuna Yala

This look from Boxing Kitten reminded me very much of the Kuna Yala women’s style of dress with their clash of prints and high waisted skirts. I’m not sure where the island natives buy their fabric but the brand sources theirs mostly from Western African countries.
Back to the look itself even if the shirt and skirt appear to barely share anything but a bit of yellow plus simple lines and both  are very, very bold prints the result is still harmonious and wearable. If I were to wear this look as is the shoes would be different.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MiuMiu's Glittering Fall 2011 Shoes

I’ve got mixed feelings for the Fall 2011 campaign from Miu Miu -check it @FGR- it’s cute and the 40’s references within the collection appeal to me but the clothes still look too old on 15 year old Hailee Steinfeld. Some outfits work on her others not at all. What catches my attention? Glitter shoes!!!
Mmmm…maybe it’s a DIY moment with some heavy duty glue and lots and lots of glitter. Oh wait here's one by The Rabbit-Hearted Girl. You are welcome xx.

Miu Miu Fall 2011 Campaign via FGR

Miu Miu Fall 2011 Campaign via FGR

Suede & Glitter booties? Yes please.
Miu Miu Fall 2011 Campaign via FGR

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Dress to Make You Hungry

Virgine Magazine editorial styled by Hissa Igarashi, pic via

If I had a dress made out of M&M's as girlfriend here I'd be naked in an hour...maybe less, you see the importance of good underwear? I do!

The Future of My Makeup Bag

It’s kind of sad the almost barren state of my makeup bag at the moment, not that it is a strange occurrence but simply the status quo, how un feminine or maybe not? Like I’m missing some being-a-woman fun.
Well it’s not like plastering goo over all available facial surface equals being female, in the past men were into eyeliner as much as their women, after all it’s all about enhancing and just looking at images of celebs with their full face on vs. ones au naturel:

Makeup is the real life Photoshop. How can I not want in on that?
My plan is not to suddenly transform into the type that does not even go to bed without some color action on her face but at least one that puts it on when it matters say a date or meeting, hell for a night out! What happens is fear of going over the top and giving clowns everywhere a run for their paint so holding back occurs leaving me with sunblock, gloss/lip stain/lipstick and if I’m in the mood a little blush and maybe –and that’s a big maybe- filling in my eyebrows. If you’re twisting my arm then a little shadow and mascara, with the base mixed in with the sunblock or the moisturizer at night, finishing with powder. Light enough you can barely see it which is good but then there is not that much enhancement going on either. But hey I’m in good company Anna dello Russo wears nothing on that face of hers.
Words to illustrate where I’m coming from and my fascination with tutorials on YouTube, current fave’s panacea81, pixiwoo and sccastaneda. You see there’s a plan and it involves using the things I buy instead of barely looking at them and throwing them out when their expiration date arrives –you know three months for mascara blah and etc- so simple. My desire to wear false eyelashes for a night out will be fulfilled dammit!

pic via Fashion Bomb Daily

 And while I’m at it concealer will also be there along with highlighter and soft contouring. If I have to get myself a gorgeous set of professional brushes
Sigma brushes -how cute are these?

and upgrade my makeup bag for auto-bribing me into it. If you’d like to recommend a product I’m all ears!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yes, Apparently a Hawaiian Shirt can be Cool

I know what you are thinking, well...not really but I do have an idea. Based on the following image I would have never believed otherwise but keep scrolling down and there will be proof.

Yep here you go a cool Hawaiian shirt courtesy of Stella McCartney’s Resort 2012 collection.

Well Hello Elle Vitenam

My favorite pic from the editorial

Wow who knew Elle Vietnam could be so awsome? This editorial with model Dinara Chetyrova, styled by Phuong My and photographed by Jamie Nelson is brilliant! I will definetely keep an eye out for future works from this trio.
Check out the rest of the editorial at Fashion Gone Rogue.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back online!

Wow it's been days! but I wish to clarify it was not due to laziness on my behalf but on issues AGAIN with internet bugs, it was hell, anyways aparently it's all fixed now so we can return to regular schedule!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bespoke 101: Tips to Order a Garment from Scratch

Jumpsuits are cool at the moment and you have an idea in mind for the one you’d like to own. You decide to search for one but nothing in stores or online come close to what you want, if it’s not the fit then the amount of skin exposed or lack thereof, a few days later you come across the semi perfect mix of details:

Bess Daze cutout crepe $325 -hey on sale from $650 at NAP-

But it is out of your budget and without decent DIY skills no way can you alter one. Depressing. Do you cave and buy something that does not completely satisfy you or simply go without?

I know some of you guys might want to commission a piece of clothing at times and that’s when a seamstress/tailor –notice I do not mention a designer because that is a whole different deal- is the way to go but you are holding back because you have no clue how to go about it. And when we’re talking from scratch the term is bespoke.

Bespoke: is a term employed in a variety of applications to mean an item custom-made to the buyer's specification (personalized or tailored). The distinguishing points of bespoke tailoring are the buyer's total control over the fabric used, the features and fit, and the way the garment should be made. More generally, bespoke describes a high degree of customization, and involvement of the end-user, in the production of the good.

Not that knowing the exact term will give you any practical benefit but I just wanted you to know and for more not really necessary information bespoke is different from “made to order” and Couture -you can read my HC101 post for clarification on what Haute Couture entails-. Ok I’m glad you know all that now moving on…

Commissioning something is a lot like baking a cake you need the right ingredients and precise measuring ensure you get the right consistency and the higher quality your raw materials are the better the taste in the end.

Double Chocolate Devil's Food Cake with Raspberries via Joy The Baker's Blog

Ok analogy and pic brought to you thanks to hungry-while-writing! My point is you get what you pay for so keep that in mind.

Let’s make a checklist those are always fun well not really fun but we kind of need them to make sure your commissioned garment puts a smile on your face not a frown of frustration.

1.MEET UP: so you have a name –recommended by your best friend’s aunt’s cousin or you just picked someone from an ad- call to make an appointment and show up on time! When you visit the seamstress/tailor let her/him know you would like to see some work in progress and finished products before you start touching stuff and turning it inside out. The price will depend on how complicated your piece is and the finishes you want, say French seams as opposed to overlock, you can haggle a little but respect the work of others.


Take the time to talk and explain as clear as you can what is it you want –a doodle will do for now. If you like what you see establish when you will be back with the fabric –ask the amount and type you will need (crepe, silk, linen, stretch vs. no stretch, etc)- and when you can expect your order to be finished, also be sure besides fabric what else you might need to bring. If you don’t think it was a good fit let them know but let the door open in case you find no better option.

2.GATHER THE SUPPLIES: buy everything you need from the fabric, threads and zippers –sometimes the seamstress/tailor will provide this so check first, buttons –remember you have the option of using fabric covered ones, beads or other embellishments.

pic by Leone Fabre

3.GET FLAT: if you hand a sketch of a dress to 10 people you will get 10 different dresses regardless of how detailed and clear you think the illustration is. That’s were flat sketches come in, basically a front and back rendering of how the garment looks when not on a human body, it is also were you write down how wide the straps of a sundress will be or that the pockets on the pants are fake i.e. not functional because you don’t need the extra bulk on the hips. A piece of clothing is the result of all the little details that made part of its construction so review the items in your closet that are similar to what you want.
No need to be a designer to do this just a rough but clear drawing will work.

front and back view sketch and flat sketch

4.BE GRAPHIC: pictures are your friend, make a collage with images that show the fit you want on a pair of pants or the volume those ruffles need to have, never underestimate the power of visual aids.

5.BE THE BAMBOO: firm but flexible, you know what you want but sometimes the person doing the sewing knows better how a particular hem will look on the fabric you chose and other times you know a thinner waistband works best for your taste. So get clear on what works from the start to avoid wasting time on corrections when the garment is more advanced.

Versace Atelier dress and sketch

6.DELIVER: you have high expectations yes? But that also means you have responsibilities regarding your commission. If you need to make pay x percent of the total cost when placing the order then remember it, sewing won’t start before you do. You scheduled a fitting for Saturday at 8:30a.m. and you really reeeally want to sleep in? Tough luck, not showing up will only affect you in the end by adding days to the delivery date.

7.BUILD: having a good relationship with the sewing hands is always a good thing and gets you little perks along the way, for me sometimes this means I get special prices for being a “frequent shopper” and get to place last minute emergency orders which obviously means a little more expense, usually a seamstress/tailor won’t bother to accommodate any quick fix if they don’t know you.

Ok so that’s basically the skeleton guide of a fun process easy to get addicted to!


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