Friday, July 1, 2011

Pleated Skirts: 3 great ways to style them!

Pleats have been on my radar a lot since the year began hence they have been referenced before at The Castle.Now, pleated skirts are top on my current favorites they are fun and easy to style plus they work in every length as the street style pictures below demonstrate.

Carolina Engman

Almost every single piece of Carolina’s look is from Zara, no mayor brands need apply, it’s quite a short skirt –in leather which enhances the cool quotient- made shorter visually because of the pleats so by covering her upper body things balance up. It all looks very modern and well sexy in a non-tarty way. This can also work with a neon clutch for a pop of color instead of the leopard she added.

 Stockholm Streetstyle via Fashion Capuccino

Now girlfriend here is going for a look that looks cool without trying too hard while avoiding frumpiness. The bag bothers me a bit to be honest, but I guess that’s part of these-clothes-just-fell-on-me attitude. Not everything needs to be too perfect or maybe she just didn’t have a better bag for this. Anyways the fact the pleats are closed up to the hips is great for reducing bulk and playing up the hourglass figure the fitted jeans vest and belt create –oh yeah zipper instead of buttons only helps here-

 Stockholm Streetstyle

Hair envy alert! Seems whoever is on the phone is annoying her no? Like she sort of tried to summon a smile when she saw the lens. Now maxi skirt with accordion pleats + pumps I have mixed feelings: flats or sandals or high heeled sandals would have worked better, something is off. Otherwise it’s such a great look, the monochrome theme elongates and even if both top and bottom are slouchy it still works, probably due to the lack of extras.

How are you wearing your pleated skirt?


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Loving your comments for each outfit! I love short skirts so a short pleated skirt is something I would wear this summer! I love all three looks actually! xoxoxoxo

Marrisa said...

Love the second and third pleated skirts!
Please check out my blog and follow me!

Julia Lis said...

if know, please tell me!
find your blog on google! really nice!


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