Sunday, July 3, 2011

Net-A-Porter Editorial 2011 vs. Streetstyle 2010

If these two outfits went to a party they would feel uncomfortable, maybe one of them would go home to change.

The left one is from Net a Porter’s Summer in the City shoot starring Honey Davis-Wilkinson, the photog was Koray Birand, the stylist name was m.i.a. and the right one is courtesy of chic girl from the streets taken around may 2010 by Stylesightings.

Now this post is not about pointing fingers but to illustrate how creativity runs in circles, like an algebra problem: two people go about the process in their unique way but arrive at the same result. And you’ve got to admit it’s kind of a funny coincidence, well maybe not if you are, as in the case of Natalie Massenet’s brainchild, a retail leader that is supposedly a trend maker and style influencer or at least aiming for that with your editorial arm. It’s possible the stylist responsible never saw the streetstyle picture, or maybe they did, liked it and forgot all about it –but the image kept floating in the subconscious- until it weaseled itself onto an outfit when the building blocks were right. The proportions, color distribution and fit are basically the same (well excluding the bag size and shoes). Which outfit do you like best?


InesT said...

Gorgeous :D
Have a fashionable day! <3
IT *

ChiccaStyle said...

Perfect style!Love it!

NRC♥ said...

Lol I love the way you wrote 'if these two outfits..' But I like the neon paired with nudes must try this!

Zarna said...

i like the accessories in the editorial shoot better!


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