Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th: The Start of Haute Couture Season 2011/2012

Partied your long weekend for all it was worth? Now moving on to a different sort of festivities Haute Couture Shows are here wohooooo!!!

Too much? Yeah ok.

But admit it couture is fun we could even start a drinking game it’s the time to feel inspired by fashion’s not so commercially oriented side. All the attention to detail on a single dress must at least make you smile in a thank-God-I-was-not-the-one-to-embroider-that-dress way, yep think of that when you are in the middle of a boring meeting this week and smile…see Couture has calming qualities.

Ok enough of that let’s get to business and head out to see what Suzy Menkes had to say of Dior’s first show sans creative director.

Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal HC pic via

backstage at Christian Dior pic via

more Christian Dior pic via

backstage Giambatista Valli pic via

Giambatista Valli pic via
I look at this detail and can't help but think of confectioners sugar flowers on a cake...


Jen S. said...

that dress totally looks like a cake...


LIA said...

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if you have time you can visit me and follow me if you like it!!!

thekellytang said...

Love Christian Dior's makeup in the 2nd photo! Gorgeous!


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