Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Illustration: Givenchy Haute Couture 2011-2012

So far the shows are looking good and since Haute Couture is more than evening gowns it is really good to see more casual options on some runways…Givenchy with all that white was not one of those, still it is so far my favorite collection, guess all those shiny shiny crystals are making me biased.
Ricardo Tisci created one dreamy confection after another. They must be heavy. Some of those wispy things probably weight more than the model wearing them. A bit towards the same lines of the last collection, but that’s his thing and he does it well. Visually all the frocks were light, for all the feathers, embroidery and what not’s, but then having a “runway” with the advantage of natural light and the romance of water flowing under a bridge as the background probably helped.

pic via Givanchy


Fashionistable said...

I adore the Haute Couture season. I wish I were in Paris now. Xxxx

M said...

you are not the only one :)


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