Friday, June 24, 2011

The Future of My Makeup Bag

It’s kind of sad the almost barren state of my makeup bag at the moment, not that it is a strange occurrence but simply the status quo, how un feminine or maybe not? Like I’m missing some being-a-woman fun.
Well it’s not like plastering goo over all available facial surface equals being female, in the past men were into eyeliner as much as their women, after all it’s all about enhancing and just looking at images of celebs with their full face on vs. ones au naturel:

Makeup is the real life Photoshop. How can I not want in on that?
My plan is not to suddenly transform into the type that does not even go to bed without some color action on her face but at least one that puts it on when it matters say a date or meeting, hell for a night out! What happens is fear of going over the top and giving clowns everywhere a run for their paint so holding back occurs leaving me with sunblock, gloss/lip stain/lipstick and if I’m in the mood a little blush and maybe –and that’s a big maybe- filling in my eyebrows. If you’re twisting my arm then a little shadow and mascara, with the base mixed in with the sunblock or the moisturizer at night, finishing with powder. Light enough you can barely see it which is good but then there is not that much enhancement going on either. But hey I’m in good company Anna dello Russo wears nothing on that face of hers.
Words to illustrate where I’m coming from and my fascination with tutorials on YouTube, current fave’s panacea81, pixiwoo and sccastaneda. You see there’s a plan and it involves using the things I buy instead of barely looking at them and throwing them out when their expiration date arrives –you know three months for mascara blah and etc- so simple. My desire to wear false eyelashes for a night out will be fulfilled dammit!

pic via Fashion Bomb Daily

 And while I’m at it concealer will also be there along with highlighter and soft contouring. If I have to get myself a gorgeous set of professional brushes
Sigma brushes -how cute are these?

and upgrade my makeup bag for auto-bribing me into it. If you’d like to recommend a product I’m all ears!

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