Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring White: landing on my nails!

I’ve mentioned before how I’m not into painting famous people faces or other garish crap like that on my nails but I do like to play with odd colors and experiment a little so when my sweater started shedding crystals I decided it might be cool to try and add them to my nails since they are small enough. This time I used just one sparkler but I like the idea now so I may be tempted to use more in the future. I did not want anything to visually disruptive so keeping it monochromatic works perfectly for me –feel free to go crazy with complementing or clashing colors, say red crystals over taupe nail polish?- just paint your nails as usual and add the crystals by pressing them –easier with pliers- to your top coat.
White enhances your tan so what’s not to like? (here I used French White)

ups this close up pic is a bit out of focus just ignore that

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