Monday, May 30, 2011

Cool necklaces under $50

Interesting jewelry does not come cheap so it’s always nice to stumble upon pieces that look great without breaking the bank. I will keep looking for sure but so many e-tailers so little time.

Madewell $45

This one is perfect to complement the accessories marauding our attention in the black/gold combo.

Forever 21 $7.80 

This shade of blue is big this season plus the Native American vibe is more than welcome. I would pair it with something other than denim to keep away from the usual mid-western look and go for a prancing in the islands one –think Greek Islands and go from there-.

Ann Taylor $48

Love how delicate it seems perfect for all the lace shenanigans spring will be full of without been too prim. Arghh sorry the low res pic but alas this was the best I could find.

Urban Outfitters $29

With all the neutral colored skins and the camel going around this little neckie would give edge to an outfit, I would use it to offset some of the extra girly stuff.


annette said...

i love the necklace from urban .. its been on my radar for some time..


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so lovely. x hivenn

lisa said...

I always love finding a costume jewelry bargain.

Susie said...

I LOVE the Madewell's perfect!


nice necklaces!!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog. check it out :)


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