Monday, May 30, 2011

Cool necklaces under $50

Interesting jewelry does not come cheap so it’s always nice to stumble upon pieces that look great without breaking the bank. I will keep looking for sure but so many e-tailers so little time.

Madewell $45

This one is perfect to complement the accessories marauding our attention in the black/gold combo.

Forever 21 $7.80 

This shade of blue is big this season plus the Native American vibe is more than welcome. I would pair it with something other than denim to keep away from the usual mid-western look and go for a prancing in the islands one –think Greek Islands and go from there-.

Ann Taylor $48

Love how delicate it seems perfect for all the lace shenanigans spring will be full of without been too prim. Arghh sorry the low res pic but alas this was the best I could find.

Urban Outfitters $29

With all the neutral colored skins and the camel going around this little neckie would give edge to an outfit, I would use it to offset some of the extra girly stuff.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Think Yellow for Spring 2011

Yes white is THE big trend for spring 2011 but you might want to think yellow instead. If you think the color does not work on your complexion think again, with a little careful selection you can find the one yellow shade that will highlight your pretty face -or hey there's always the accesories if you don't find the right one- and as a side effect lift your mood, after all it is the color of sunshine and happiness. 
Yellow commands attention so you should probably avoid using it on “problem” areas...

Diane Von Furstenberg via NAP

Jil Sander via NAP
Velvet Angels "Le Star Dust" zip sandals via Blue Fly

Michelle Mason asymetrical ruffle dress via Shop Bop

Ksubi midnight runner shorts via Shop Bop

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is one cool necklace Yuval Scharf

Meet Yuval Scharf I have no idea who she is but I like her neckie and pretty much the badassitude of the rest of her look so there you go! Since this pic was taken in Cannes one can assume she’s an actress or maybe a model crashing the parties *snicker*

And yes this necklace is fertile ground for a rather fab DIY project!

pic by Anne-Christine/Getty Images via Full Frontal Fashion

Monday, May 16, 2011

Paperclip inspired jewelry

I love how a seemingly inane object can inspire beyond its initial function of which the paperclip is the perfect example; there is even a gigantic paperclip towel holder out there that is closer to an art gallery than an office supply closet.
Hellier takes the cute route with animals, precious metals and a dash of bling perfect for a delicate accent or as a layering element while Giles ss11 goes for something resembling a chic DIY that can provide the one bold focus of your look.



Giles ss2011

Giles ss2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring White: landing on my nails!

I’ve mentioned before how I’m not into painting famous people faces or other garish crap like that on my nails but I do like to play with odd colors and experiment a little so when my sweater started shedding crystals I decided it might be cool to try and add them to my nails since they are small enough. This time I used just one sparkler but I like the idea now so I may be tempted to use more in the future. I did not want anything to visually disruptive so keeping it monochromatic works perfectly for me –feel free to go crazy with complementing or clashing colors, say red crystals over taupe nail polish?- just paint your nails as usual and add the crystals by pressing them –easier with pliers- to your top coat.
White enhances your tan so what’s not to like? (here I used French White)

ups this close up pic is a bit out of focus just ignore that

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why do we keep going back to flower prints for spring?

Flowers for spring is such an expected choice and in many ways boring but we keep going back to them –designers and customers alike-. Why do you think that is? Is it because they are viewed as the epitome of tragic beauty and we try to immortalize that fragility because of some twisted romantic sense. Or maybe since spring is all about growth and new beginnings –cute baby animals- and flowers are basically sexual organs…ok lets not go there but you see my point.
It could be the simple fact that flowers are photogenic.

Benjamin Lennox

Cuneyt Akeroglu



Greg Kadel

some of the pics I got via Fashion Gone Rogue

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fashion for Charity

If you are in the area be sure to drop by, since I'm not I do hope for someone to post pics since Korto will be there and she is one of my all time favorite Project Runway contestants. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My hair vs the HANAair: the review

When contacted by Misikko to review the HANAair blow dryer I got exited because my hair is where my focus is when it comes to beauty related fluff, my hair is…temperamental, sometimes quite meek to my manipulations, wavy when I use a curl enhancing cream or straight if left to its own devices but then I turn around and it’s soufflé impersonating hair, so for many years I was a slave of weekly salon blowouts -with specific hairdressers to avoid cotton hair 20 minutes after exiting the salon. So in the spirit of full disclosure even if it pains my vain little heart let me share an example of it on an especially humid day when attempting curls.

Ha! that Da Vinci drawing came to mind for whatever reason...

Ok that was painful but necessary to illustrate why my hair can give styling tools a run for their money, in this case $194.99 on sale from $314.99. So let’s begin with the blower itself: the cord is long so you can move around comfortably, it comes with a concentrator, it has three settings for heat and two fan speeds, and also a cool air button to close the hair cuticle –and the change of air temperature only takes a few seconds so you can cool blast each section of hair individually- and it also came with a small bottle of serum to protect hair from heat plus a cute velveteen pouch to store it. The plug even has a white plastic storage protector.

It was cool of the Misikko team to include a few useful gifties that I was not expecting.

The monkey has no name yet!

So back to the way I had been dealing with the frizz, about four years ago I got an amazing $100+ flat iron –not ashamed to say I discovered it on an infomercial- liberty at last from the salon trips but if I tried the DIY blow dry before using it –I had a Revlon 1200 one- the results wear electric in a bad way so I opted to just give up on the blower all together, but that meant a lot of waiting for hair to be dry, basically lost time, so washing my hair equals a planed production most of the time. Now my iron has specifications similar to some of these Chi flat irons in case you were wondering.
To say my blow drying skills are rusty is an understatement however the experience was painless, it was really easy to figure out the settings and since it is not a heavy hair dryer my arm did not suffer –off course that might be due to my “technique” involving putting the blower on the vanity a lot in between sections to manipulate the hair in the brush and then moving the heat around a bit- also sections dried fast even with the lowest setting. It’s a shame it does not include a diffuser because that would mean lighting quick drying time when going for curls. After a few rounds of business I can say there is improvement in my process and hopefully soon I’ll be able to straighten hair instead of blow-drying it always slightly wavy so I could skip the iron when I want straight with volume.

Wavy is good!

The texture of my hair was really good, the hair always ended with soft volume, bouncy would be a good description and clearly different from the flat iron version. Yey for versatility points! The effect lasted until I washed –one time I made it to 6 days, I just had to see if it would hold or not-, I did notice that if I used the curl enhancer shampoo/conditioner by day three the hair curled a bit more –this may be due to my drying hair like hot rollers to begin with- however no frizz made an appearance which is the goal regardless of the styling. 

Overall I was very pleased with my results each time I used the blower. If your hair is willful then investing in upscale hair curling/hair straighteners as the HANAair may be the way to go especially if for time or money heading for a salon once or twice every week is not an option for you.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy B-Day to Me!

May 1st is the most beautiful day of the year -obviously I'm a bit biased but what can you do?- so celebrate with me and get a big slice of chocolate cake, bonus points if said choco-cake is a sculptural creation like the one below. 


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