Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maxi Trend Inspiration

Do you already have a maxi skirt? You know they are mighty practical as well as pretty well when it is not raining and you had to wear flats –buzz kill- they also happen to hide your hairy legs between waxing appointments and given good proportions with the rest of your clothes elongate your figure.Win! So if you are afraid of coming out like an extra from Big Love at the compound think again; this trend is sexy and can be rough or edgy or romantic or whatever you feel like projecting to the world just check the examples I lovingly compiled for you munchkins.

Benjamin Lennox via Fashion Gone Rogue
Cuneyt Akeroglu via Fashion Gone Rogue
Hanneli Mustaparta
Acne via Hanneli Mustaparta
Style Admirer
Vanessa Jackman
The Fashion Spot
natalieoffduty via bjonestyle

1 comment:

featherfactor said...

Love maxi/midi skirts this season but alas I think I am really too short to pull it off - love seeing photographs though.


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