Thursday, March 24, 2011

Costume Design Thursdays Volume 2: Spartacus

Wow I’m so on track with posting today I need to pat my back now for a job well done *grin*. Normally in the volumes of CDT I might be focusing on a single piece that stole my breath but today lets have a little look-c at some examples from one of my favorite series: the Spartacus franchise –yey gladiators- costumed by Barbara Darragh.
The level of detail on the costumes is so good and complemented very well with hair and makeup to illustrate the evolution of each character, their status improvements as the story moves forward, even moral value changes are registered as I noticed with Lucretia whose look was less aggressive in Gods of the Arena vs Blood and Sand when corruption was running rampant inside her head. Even the slaves reflect the house of Batiatus changes of status. Oh and did I mention the jewelry? Sadly not many detailed pictures or in depth information on the process of costuming Spartacus and the gang are available or maybe I need to flex my online search muscles?

Ahhhh behold Ganicus, so much work goes into his 3 little scraps of fabric.

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