Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ralph Lauren and The Last Emperor

Ralph and team took a trip to their DVD collection when gathering inspiration for fall. To me it screamed The Last Emperor as soon as I saw the clothes…yeah big memory for movie wardrobes…it seems China is the 3 piglets to retail’s big bad wolf, but designers please do stop brownnosing, how many Chinese inspired collections so far? (Chanel I’m looking at you) Not a bad thing just a bid too obvious.

But back on the movie thing, the glasses and hairstyle is full Puyi a.k.a. The Emperor.

Traditional cuts (think cheongsam or qui pao) mixed with 1920’s fabrics and lotsa fur: straight out of the closet of the Empress and Concubine (dude had 5 wives but only 2 are featured on the film).

This is wife numero tres Tan Yuling

And permeating the whole offering is bad girl Eastern Jewel a.k.a. his cousin the spy, raised in Japan she apparently did not have China’s best interest at heart, but girlfriend had bad ass style (she was big on menswear).

Hello jewelry! Loved the dangling earrings especially.

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classiq said...

Fashion has always inspired from the movies. It's interesting and captivating seeing it reinterpreted.

Anonymous said...

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