Friday, January 21, 2011

Pleating my way

Pleats are at the moment high on my “Things I want to wear” list, a black maxi skirt –sheer fabric with lining- plus a cotton sleeveless shirt with pleat insets on the side and collar fit the bill at the moment but I want to expand…yes instead of expanding a business operation or my knowledge on the principles of good investment what I want to expand is the use of pleated fabric among the pieces in my wardrobe.
Before that gives you the impression I’ve got a head full of air let me assure you closet greediness occupies but a small fraction of my interests and this being a fashion blog I’m assuming you suffer from the same inclinations.
But the pleats in my head at the moment are not the Fortuny type with their Grecian goddess airs that few if anyone can duplicate today –his technique was somewhat obscure- but rather sculptural and more straight forward.
And now I break into a fabulous rendition of “One way or another” as I ready for a night of party. What are you up to this weekend?

From Estrella Archs collection (of Ungaro/Lindsey Lohan fame)

Dion Lee pic via StyleBubble

Dion Lee pic via StyleBubble

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