Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inconformities with the weather

So how has the New Year been treating you beauties? The past few days I’ve been reading up a storm while enjoying amazing sunshine and cooling breeze. Since I’m on holydays the clothes are barely there but I dream of wearing leather pants and walking in the city thru the snow when it gets so hot I can barely think straight, an irony since when freezing my a** off I dream of wearing barely anything on warm weather while drinking lemonade which is exactly what I’m doing now…*sight*

Lachlan Bailey

Sergio Rosario

Vanessa Jackman

Crazy part being I’m not even fantasizing a styling I just dream of the perfect leather trousers to wear apparently without anything else, I tell you it’s the heat screwing with my head.


Lynn said...

Lovely photos. I like the coat in the second picture.


jamie-lee said...

oooh one thing i love about winter, leather pants :)

classiq said...

I love the last pic: the leather pants, the camel coat, the white shirt, all must-haves plus red bag and boots.

PSbyDila said...

Lovely pictures!


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