Monday, January 17, 2011

Dreaming of leopard print shoes

LITERALLY. My dream last night was both weird and funny, a segment of it took place in a sort of classroom and someone handed me a passport size picture of a lace up/bootie hybrid with a leopard print which I needed to draw -an art class maybe? - before I even started I could see my drawing was soooo amazing -in my minds eye how it would turn out- but for some reason I was also pissed off about something not shoe related. Other parts involved me walking with friends in a pharmacy admiring candy bars with the requisite supermarket music and opening umbrellas in the rain among other oddities. Are your dreams imitations of a shaman’s-trip-on-peyote or are they rather boring duplicates of your day or something else entirely?

These Charlotte Olimpia are the closest I've found to the ones in my dream and I think they are worth dreaming about no?

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Lynn said...

Lovely shoes!



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