Friday, July 30, 2010

in this weeks Links à la Mode: playing with nail art

Hey dolls!
So my little nail experiment got included in this weeks round up of link love, great posts here so do try to check them all out! xx

links a la mode

Looking back, moving forward?

Edited by: Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie.

This week's links bound across time as we go from the first incarnations of the handbag, to both the glamour and reality of the mid-20th Century and the modern phenomenon of online shopping. And when, in all this, will women be happy with their bodies? Debenhams may now be using unretouched images alongside the photoshopped, but the Daily Mail and the UK's new equalities minister have decreed a new, and for a lot of us unattainable, body shape for us to aim for.

Links à la Mode: July 29th

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Isn't she a brave soul?

Anna is at it again with her seethru shenanigans, however more n'sync with the weather sporting a white version this time around (which I like better since the black one with red underwear made a weird optic effect as if she had a beer belly from some angles).


Sunday, July 25, 2010

a little fashion history

Today going thru some boxes (still I know soooo tired already) searching for something else entirely I came across a Salvatore Ferragamo catalog from the Autumn-Winter 1983-1984 season.
It’s full of the usual visual suspects of the era and being the proper blogger that I am the images that follow were not scanned but photographed because that was faster than allocating some time to produce higher quality images but it was not all lazy & bad…I took a few…errr seconds to take several snaps of each image to ensure the focus and clearness of them all, yeah that is dedication to the cause people!
In my defense (mmm seems lately I’ve been defending my laziness too much. Note to self: if you are going to be lazy own it!) the catalog which is thick as a magazine on a slow month -say a June issue-, is quite old and there was fear for its integrity if spread and pressed over the scanner so you could have prettier images, so the easier road was decided upon, it was a protective move in the benefit of historical fashion material.
Really? May have crossed your minds but I’m sticking to my story, so on with the blast from the past.

Brogues! What goes around comes around…clearly it’s true

Not loving that sad excuse for a hat but that dress/coat is delish! Great button details, the sleeves make it a bit more feminine plus that belt for a little shape, with the right accessories you can wear as is right now and look smoking.

Another pair of brogues…these ones scream Great Gatsby

These…hiking boots? The result if brogues and Timberland boots had a child.

*gasp* My castle for that hat! The look is so elegant but a bit bulky, my favorite piece is the self tying blouse.

The proportions are a bit too oversized for my taste but color blocking is one of the strong trends from the latest Resort 2011 collections. Check out the cap pls.

Admire it up close now, don’t you love it? And say hello to full on 80's makeup!

Now this is my favorite piece of clothing from the entire catalog, the color, the bat sleeves, the fit, its perfect as it is, if I found it by some miracle somewhere no alterations would be performed…or maybe just a little length thingy.

The model looks so uncomfortable in this image (the pearls w/that neckline looks as contrived as the model) and yeah another one of those pesky shoes this time channeling aluminum foil.

Love them!

In case you need a super expensive umbrella.

Or maybe what you need is an elegant rendering of resting hens on your dinner table.Who knew SF made decorative dishes?

Ok we are done! I wasn’t going to post the whole thing dolls, anyways isn’t it fun to review past trends? Check your mother’s closet people the season it shoes might be lurking in there hoping loving feet rediscover them.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bvlgari's cuteness overload

OMG how did I miss this? You’ve probably seen these images already as they’ve done quite a lot of blog rounds.
Yeah the jewels are like huge chunks of stars fallen from the heavens, Ms. J looks ravishing and very naked, the bags are drool worthy but all of that pales in comparison to the real stars of Bvlgari’s Fall 2010 campaign: the lion cubs!
How adorable are they? If I’m ever in Africa it might be tempting to buy one, put a collar on it and on the way back tell customs it’s a special cat bred to look like a lion cub and give him/her the cutest name…I could have my very own Christian *swoon*

Bulgari_Fall2010_Julianne_Moore_lion_cubs@http://marielscastle.blogspot.comPs. I realize how illegal my little fantasy sounds, people do smuggle wild animals A LOT and the poor things grow to be in situations that require them to need rescuing or wreck havoc by eating the dog etc.
Maybe I’ll just volunteer at the zoo’s nursery jajajaja

new pre-loved finds!

Just found myself a lovely pair of Cork shoes with cotton bindings (had a little leather lining added to the sole) that go through holes in the cork to keep your foot on the shoe & it is outlined by flowers which is sort of hippie so my guess is this shoe comes from the flower power era (late 60’s early 70’s) and a pair of earrings (from the 80's I think) that kind of look like little sequined octopus jajaja cute.
Very fun findings for a very low price!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My new nail do!!!

Darlings I present my proud first attempt at an inverse French manicure or whatever the trendy name for this is, I’m not much of a nail art follower (sticking golden Eiffel towers or a drawing of your dog on your thumb) as most of it is tacky to me but I do believe it can look awesome on the right person i.e. not me.
I do love layering colors, crazy colors, a subtle pattern or a wild one a la Minx and then I saw a pic of Jennifer L.H. wearing this inverted frenchie in bright yellow

Fell in love because it’s a simple way to bring edge to nails without going to extremes.
I chose neon orange for the tips and for my toes which were done simple as it would be too complicated as I was doing my own nails (with out any guide stickers), loving the result and obvs I’m choosing not to show you the messy state of my fingers when tip color application was over hahaha what you see is the cleaned off version in an improvised outdoors photo shoot (quite glamorous I had snacks hahaha).
Not quite perfect but that’s ok next time will be better, is there any nail trend you are itching to try? Let me know so I can check it out too! xx


pic of Jennifer's nails tnx to Hair on the Brain, the other pics I took myself

Sunday, July 18, 2010

inspired by Red's style

Going thru some boxes yesterday I found one of my bedtime story books, Little Red Ridding Hood, I loved this book like most kids but what I really adore about my version is the illustrations on it, very soft and airy with a southing color palette, so inspiring.
Maybe this is why as a child I started writing my own illustrated stories which off course my mom keeps (I even wrote one with song included for my cat, the pages were tied with pastel ribbons and featured scalloped edges); remembering stuff like this makes me feel guilty for being so lazy and not drawing more.


Red’s outfit is quite different from the usual renditions and is sporting the season’s trends if you look closely (I may be forcing this a little but roll with me):

1) Maxi and slightly see-through skirt: check
2) Brogues: check
3) New take on the fanny pack: check
4) Flowers as an accessory: check (remember that girl that appeared in every street style blog last season in Paris that had roses sticking out of her purse, this is the moment I kick myself for not saving the image grrrr)
5) Messy sexy hair: check

And she’s wearing soft colors with a strong red accent to punch things up a little, she’s spot on!
What was your favorite illustration as a kid?

Friday, July 16, 2010

I want to eat this bag

I’m a big fan of Proenza Schouler but until now had not fallen for the PS1 for reasons that will not be elaborated on which are now irrelevant since this raspberry number crossed my path while browsing the NAP site for new arrivals and OMG is it irrelevant as well that I like this bag now since its sold out.
The color reminds me of something I would like to eat or smear on me, like a Shea Butter tinted balm or raspberry jelly on buttered toast or berries crushed over plain yogurt it’s just a yummy bag that needs to join me on a bicycle ride thru the streets of Milano once the weather stops scorching us to the ground in sweaty agony.
Wonder what are Jack & Lazaro’s take on gifting a girl out just to make her happy?
Isn't it lovely? images tnx to Net a Porter

By the by if you feel the need for a new Vivian Westwood neck scarf and some awesome Japanese souvenirs check out Milk Tea’s giveaway asap!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

easy prey

This is one awesome dress (actually all the looks rocked my world), and it’s one of the dresses from the latest Resort collections I think we will see the most “admiration” from the high street retail chains.
Why? Its easy to *ahem* translate for the masses, distinctive detail but simple in essence plus the silhouette flatters many bodies…only a slightly ornate fabric is needed to make it happen…fast fashion chains should be more original and all that blah but this dress is just making it easy for them. Next time make them work harder Stella!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

this time around is better

Can I just say this season the efforts of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli at Valentino are much more appealing to me, the short efforts for the most part as some of the long dresses have an odd something that throws me off.
The ones I would wear in a heartbeat below.


Bravo Louis Vuitton I want it all!

It helps that the Louis Vuitton collection is gorgeous and I’m all over those long gloves but the real jaw dropping comes from the fact that Christie Turlington is 41 and does not look a day older than her costars (Natalia is 28 and Karen is 31 if I’m not mistaken).
Hurray for casting “older” models on mayor advertising, after all women over 35 are the real cash cow for brands like LV, sure they had Madonna but she is on a league of her own and when it came to models the younger the better. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling to know that brands are catching up with reality and when the time comes that I reach said demographic I wont feel the images enticing me to shop are alienating me at the same time. It’s a complex balance to pull being young/mature and this campaign does so beautifully.
It goes beyond age and focuses on glamour and desire. Brilliant.


Friday, July 9, 2010

we always need more underwear especially if by JPG and La Perla

The fact that Jean Paul Gaultier was collaborating with La Perla had completely escaped me until I saw the pics from his couture runway and along came Dita Von Teese to marvel us all with a confection that reminded me of black sand sparkling at noon and a rib cage (such odd references I know).

Off course a searching frenzy ensued, there had to be pictures of at least a few of the looks that will go on sale in november at a very “friendly” price range.
But you know when it comes to collabs like this money does not factor in the equation its Gaultier AND La Perla!!!
All pieces by the brand I’ve ever had have been lovingly worn to shreds as to me pretty/practical underwear is the basis of any look, a good base can transform how a garment molds to my body, it changes my mood and no, undergarments do not need to be La Perla to have nearly magical shaping powers but they are special pieces to own and add to that JPG who put the bra on the map with Madonna’s famous conical bra, I mean the man has an affinity with underwear.
In my view almost no other designer could have been a better choice for a match of this caliber and I’m excited to see the 27 pieces a.s.a.p. are you?


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I need to find my way to a beach soon

more importantly this is ideal summer hair, it's cute and goddessy plus with all the heat it keeps you from getting sweaty hair


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what came out of some free time

These accesories are what came out of a little free time and general random bits of jewelry supplies in my play box, if you remember I had shown you the first neckie a while back when I wore it on a rain walk.
Still aware I promised a step by step on it...will.happen.soon
I sugest you do a little cleaning/researching as you may have some bits and pieces of old broken jewels or stuff you can break up to create something new like I did with a lot of pearls, swarovski crystals and metalic pls!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Style Sample Mag is out so check that out because we had a little hand there!!!

Hi! long time no see, sorry about that but have been sick for more than a few thinks its due to stress because I've never been sick so often like ever...anyways I did manage to collab with the lovely Tamia of Style Sample Magazine for issue #8, at least I did something besides vegetating in bed so follow the link and enjoy!
As of today normal schedual will resume I hope (still wuzzy)


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