Wednesday, June 23, 2010

who's up for an ostrich ride?

I'd be onboard with it in a would be faster than a horse maybe?

Norman_Parkinson_fashion_photography@http://marielscastle.blogspot.compic by Norman Parkinson

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

where have my Hugs gone?

Is the Hershey company trying to cross me? Can’t find my beloved Hugs anywhere, not a single drugstore or supermarket I’ve visited lately has them in stock and that makes me sad, very sad you see they are perfect little bites of luv mixing milk and white chocolate in a ribbony way that just agrees with me, sure Lindt is my go to brand for a chocolate fix but so far no chocolate maker matches Hershey’s mix of white & milk so I buy it frequently or at least I did, but it’s been too long!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Tudors inspired necklace

Not sure if I’ve mentioned my love of The Tudors on this blog before, but I do, the plot, the characters, the wardrobe

The_Tudors_Lady_Mary@ and I don’t even mind one bit the liberties they have taken with the story as it is so well portrayed plus Henry Cavill is dreamy and you know how having a smoke show guy makes any show that much better hahaha it’s all for our amusement after all.

Anyways I had this vintage embellished belt from the 80’s that was a bit messed up so I decided to chop it up and reconfigured into a one off neckie that reminds me a lot of the type of jewelry used on the show,

The_Tudors_replica_jewelry@http://marielscastle.blogspot.comthe antique patina of the metals and richly pigmented stones with some pearls thrown in for good measure as the ones above.
Sorry there are no step by step pics but the diligent blogger in me forgot about such details due to excitement…ups!
It’s just screaming for a plunging neckline or maybe I'll wear it on my hair if the mood strikes, do you approve?

DIY_necklace_inspired_by_The_Tudors@http://marielscastle.blogspot.comBTW if you would love to channel Queen Catherine, the Lady Mary or Anne Boleyn I just found this site that sells replicas of their jewelry sets as worn on the show on the cheap, cool yeah?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

loving this shorts

Just stumbled across these amazing little shorts at Korean retailer Erin Brinie, the fit is really flattering and the little detail at the front has leg elongating powers, the navy shade is also a plus since its so easy to mix up working almost as a neutral. My only quip with them is the viscose fabric since linen or cotton would have been much better but whatever.
Are you all set for shorts season?


Friday, June 18, 2010

walking in the rain

Wow it’s been raining non stop lately but luckily sans thunder storms ¡yey!
You might have noticed the m.i.a. situation on the blog for the past few days, just let me clarify it was due to internet connection and not laziness on my part, and also the World Cup matches have been keeping me entertained not because of the hot players (they are just a very welcomed plus) but because I genuinely love the sport which I played a little in high school, but just in case you were wondering so far Slovenia has the most handsome player ratio based on today’s game.
Anyways back to fashion this is what I wore yesterday for my rain walk, threw in the purple purse to avoid being too matchy-matchy and a DIY pearl neckie made out of a very large pearl strand (4 other accessories came out of it which I’ll show you soon) and fabric trimming laying around.

my interpretation of a classic three strand pearl necklace, I luv that it can be played up or down depending on mood and occasion while avoiding the Muffy-at-the-country-club-brunch look


Friday, June 11, 2010

larger than life

isn't she just amazing? Grace Jones has an attitude that is larger than life when she poses for the lens (that hat was a great addition)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

today's look

I’ve been meaning to post a bit more on personal style but since no personal paparazzo is on call a different approach had to be taken, yeah I need a tripod but for now this will have to suffice.

The mood was sporty today hence the athletic grey bra to pick on that hue present on the skirt and my beat up sneakers –they claim I wear them to much and need a relaxing getaway- also on board were my vintage Ray Ban oversized aviators and a messenger bag I forgot to capture for you to see.

And obviously the sheer trend had to be present! Normally worn with nude bra for the bare back effect or a dark blue racerback today called for a different vibe since the skirt is so short already.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I want to draw like this!!!!

K now promise you no more Cavalli sketches at least for a while but this I could not resist, you see I have a weakness for ilustration, so enjoy the pretty doodles!


tricking the eye is way better than underwear confirmation

a crop of runway examples


and off course you already knew American Apparel had dibs on this trend

To me lingerie is the base of any look, a blouse can look 100% better with the right bra, in a way it molds your body or maybe it molds the clothes, which ever way it can do a girl good so dressing from the inside out is the best strategy to rock any trend which brings me to one of the top directions this season –SEETHRU-
Umm tricky trend, no? A lot of underwear on display which I find a bit tacky, don’t get me wrong I luv to rock colorful bra straps peeking from a top but full frontal bra is not for me its way more fun to wear nude under things and watch confused faces trying to figure out if there is something under that all sheerness, for some reason that’s better than knowing they can see clearly everything I’ve got on.
So here the top weapons to put your sizzle on this trend:


new blog "logo"

It’s amazing how very simple things can bring you happiness for example I’m so happy I finally changed the header for the blog, you like?
My plans are to keep playing to get a new image soon but for now this will do…it took me 15min but weeks on actually sitting down to do it, such a bad habit man, now it is your turn to kick one of your bad habits to the curve, no?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cavalli joins the 2010 World Cup fever

This are the sketches of the outfit Shakira will wear for her performance on the World Cup 2010 stage by Roberto Cavalli. Yey or Nay?


Saturday, June 5, 2010

WTF is going on....

How are you guys? I’ve been m.i.a. this past few days mainly due to issues that make no sense and kept me distracted for no good reason, which only enhances the wtf moment I’m currently in, but hey life is good so there’s no point on dwelling over things we have no control off. So on we go and focus on pretty things like natures take on fashion trends like this patch of military chic.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

new spin on sexy

Fishnet stockings are hot; upon styling choices they can be sexy or slutty but this new incarnation of fishnet courtesy of Mr. Louboutin is a no brainer it will look stunning no matter your styling choice especially because of the color. I luv!
And if you wanna make me happy you need to send a size 7 my way hahahaha



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