Monday, May 31, 2010

quechuan escape

This editorial by brazilian Vogue is working for me on several levels, the model is stunning, all the outfits are things I'd wear in a heartbeat, the color on the clothes won't show the dirt of your daily fun, the scenery is fantastic plus its a vacay destination I dream of getting to. luv luv!



full editorial tnx to FGR

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kitty Power

What is the secret for maintaining strong brand integrity + high awareness and maximizing revenue while running wild with collaborations with various brands/designers all on different price brackets and target audiences? Ask Sanrio and the brand & pr managers for Hello Kitty they should know, that cat has them ridding a money train.
Why the sudden HK attention? Just found this cute tank


Todoki for Hello Kitty that would be great for lounging when being lazy around the house or the gym.
I love that cat, I even chose her as my fashion icon for a presentation on my Sociology of Fashion class, she has airplanes splattered with her image, t-shirts, Judith Lieber bags, Tarina Tarantino jewels, kitchen appliances and the list goes on and on.
What’s the secret? I really want to know.
This is an important subject as many brands these days are diversifying to hotels, restaurants and other non fashion businesses or widening their consumer reach with lower priced lines, some work while others fail miserably.
Sometimes even if the strategy works in financial terms it ends up hurting the brand identity/status. It’s what all those designers struggled with when agreeing to and H&M/Target/etc. collab.
With any of these new adaptations there needs to be focus on core, just because it worked for someone else does not mean it will work on your brand as well. Not sure if these is the case with Zac Posen’s ZSpoke line (SS10) as I recall reading somewhere was early on the sale rack, but like everything it maybe needs time to catch on.
Any ideas on the subject?

Friday, May 28, 2010

again playing on polyvore

the page proves helpful on nights like tonight that the desire to sleep scapes me at least something pretty comes out of it, do you like?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

completely obsessed

Menstylings are the excuse but really I just want to enjoy Si Won's moves and the song is pretty rad need.translations.asap.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

belt it!

Lately I’m falling for thin belts with some interesting retail, recently I purchased a yellow patent leather one (yeah I’m even thinking yellow these days) very simple but packs a visual punch, so for follow up a spin of virtual shopping was needed and here’s the bounty:

1. with front bow from Brave Leather with an amazing $60 price tag plus the sheer amount of color choices makes it even more covetable

2. fancy stones and a “snake” metal weaving by Judith Lieber *gasp* be still my heart
3. oh Fendi! These dudes (gonna miss Hugo jajaja) know how to make guaranteed sell out accessories, plastic + leather + metal adjustable closure, what’s not to love?
4. Pompoms anyone? This Lanvin cutie is ultra romantic but not overtly sugary hence ideal to balance an outfit consisting of simple or masculine pieces
5. and last but certainly not least metal sprinkling on an unusual color by Forever21, in a different color this belt might look rather common but the hue makes it special and full of hip factor
Which is your favorite?

Monday, May 24, 2010

already thinking of saturday's shop browsing

While high heels might not be the ideal shoe for the long distance endurance sport that is shopping I do believe feeling cute influences the way one shops and what we shop for, so as long as we make multiple resting stops in between stores for iced coffee and the occasional cheese cake all is good plus these heels have a little platform and a good curve structurally speaking that makes me believe my feet won’t be tortured in them.
This outfit exemplifies what I would love to wear saturday for shopping and actually trying stuff on since it would be easy to get in and out off and because of the fabrics the whole look stays wrinkle free for hours and hours with simple yet pretty jewelry (no neckie to avoid one more thing to remove in the dressing room) and a very easy ballerina knot with bangs with non or barely there makeup.



hair knot pic tnx to The Gentlewoman

Saturday, May 22, 2010

is this where the YSL t-shirt 1st appeared????

While taking inspiration from music videos seems rather hard these days what with Lady Gaga and Beyonce pushing for the unwearable for the guys the story is a bit different…it’s all about easy to translate to the streets especially with bands like the one on the video below which I discovered tnx to my latest Korean drama favorite Oh My Lady! starring Choi Si Won

Naturally a background check was necessary *ahem*


While on this side of the planet we have plenty of TV fashion inspiration for us girls when watching Asian dramas what I enjoy most fashion wise are the menstylings because of the wow factor, I mean wouldn’t you want your main squeeze to dress like this? Lets face it on the usual shows the only exciting men's wardrobe is the one belonging to Chuck Bass and even he has been boring lately, don’t you agree?
So I share with you Super Junior apparently a super popular band on the Asian side, judge and tell me what do you think of the clothing…I mean this video is from 11 months ago and the YSL t-shirt ubiquitous on the street style blogs lately makes a cameo so for that & other clearly cool items it’s safe to say what they wear does translate to the street trends the cool hunters bring to the west then translated by Gucci &Co.
Good rhythm, cute boys dancing, awesome styling, Si won, need I say more? Enjoy!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

sunshine via nail polish

It’s been raining nonstop lately its like London without the pubs and the chips yum chips, so I landed the sun on my mails, three bright and happy layers of polish plus base and top coat just because I wanted the color to be really intense (used Masglo’s Amarillo).

The good part about the rain is the blooming tree in the backyard

And the rain walks when its thunder free and slightly chilly…but just how many outfits can one possibly plan around to complement the rain boots and umbrella???

And here’s further proof yellow is May’s 2010 color

Doutzen for Vogue Russia is technically for the june issue but it came out and its May so its claimable for this month official color


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vivi may 2010 issue

just found this cool slide show with VIVI's may issue full with cute outfits perfect for the season oh yeah before I forget do follow me!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cooling off

soon when the heat starts scorching we'll dream of playing fashion model and jumping on the nearest body of water if not to cool off then just for the fun, "dry clean only" be damned


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I follow me pls

finally joined Twitter...yeah full aware long overdue but my excuse was: ¿another social network to keep up with?
jajaja anyways its fun and a lot suposedly goes on there so you can follow me HERE & you can send me a message so I can follow you 2!

sugar rushed...

after eating my weight in brownie, I need something interesting asap to distract me from the sugary needs...

Friday, May 14, 2010

my point of reference

Going thru the latest fashion editorial at Fashion 156 these two images struck me familiar

Because when I saw them my brain referenced this other images

All the juxtaposition of textures and colors, the bright shades, the shredded fabric in the trousers, you know sometimes what we gather from an image is not always what the creator of said images was trying to convey but our own interpretation of what we see based on what we previously had in storage maybe that is the reason for the uproar on Daria’s editorial for Interview magazine.
Perhaps we are over sensitive, maybe it was not intended to be interpreted as most of us did and we’re like the little kid crying wolf but what I do know is that perhaps concerns help raise awareness for editors to realize they need to come up with ways to integrate diversity in publications not just use it as a backdrop.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

meet Sabrina Tach

Hey dolls glad to report that I’m slightly over my hat fixation at least for today so yey!
–ground braking I know- by the way just came across these really cool handbags from Uruguayan designer Sabrina Tachdjian, she has an Etsy store were you could buy her existing designs or have something made to order.
The brand even gets green points for their leather sourcing and manufacturing policies, for me it’s always good when the leather comes from animals that lived free roaming around in green pastures playing with other cows and fending off flies instead of animals that are confined to a storage unit type of place where they can’t even lay down properly that makes me sad anyways the lookbook was shot by photographer Camila Gonzalez Jettar in a very American Apparel meets the middle ages fairy in the wilderness of a park, the lace pieces the model is wearing were actually custom made for the shoot and not from AA btw.
The bags are cute and have an indian summer quality that makes me think would be rather easy to incorporate on an ensemble which is always a good thing.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

just a really pretty image
this is a lovely illustration of one of Paul Poiret's designs and she's wearing a hat! jajaja
I know I know new subject pls

still on the hat mindset...Eugenia Kim for Target

This is my fave piece from the Eugenia Kim for Target collab & its really cheapy as in aprox a 1/4 the price of any of the pieces I liked from her namesake SS10 collection
Obvs the quality is sure to be better in her collection also not terribly expensive but if you don't feel like dropping $200 or more on a hat then her collab is a good option

This is the runner up

And it's collection equivalent


For me this Target collab is a great distill -yeah making up words now- of her Eugenia Kim collection for spring summer 2010.
By the By here's a really funny account I found from a knitter that worked briefly for EK, a very funny read that gives us a little behind the scenes on the designer from a minion's point of view.


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