Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cool moods

These lovely watercolors by Cassandra Rhodin are moody and gloomy but very beautiful; perhaps they are so powerful because of the black and white palette or the sensual curves that make up most of each image composition.
They exude this sort of silent movie vibe ala Clara Bow I really like. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

interesting info

What’s the next best thing to being in London Town for the BoF Jefferson Hack shindig? LIVESTREAM
They just announced that this Thursday 29 some blogger friends are hosting all of us that can’t make it, the magic hour is 2pm NY/7pm London/8pm Paris & Berlin.
And if you want to ask some random quack -no just kidding about the random quack- you can send your questions to their Twitter spot @_BoF_ hashtag #pioneers.
BoF is really going all out for this oh yeah some of the hosts are Tavi, Fashionista, BryanBoy, Les Mads, among others and no links for each coz I’m tired and sick so cut me some slack and find them on your own. Luv!

smile inducing shoes

You’d think posting would be back to normal by now but sadly my energy levels are still cripplingly low that said I’m trying after all the whole idea of this blog is to force me some kind of discipline, hope all is well and normal by next week in the meantime check out this pic from the editorial Angelo Pennetta did for Vogue Nippon with model Hannah Holman.
The whole editorial is full of desirable clothing games styled by Sabino Pantone -who mostly works for Vogue Nippon- but I chose this image because the shoes are just incredible –I’m betting CDG but can’t be sure as the credits are so small- anyways do you luv them as much as I do??? I bet u do *snicker*

Pic tnx to Fashion Gone Rogue

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Current /Elliot + Marni = meh....

Not luving these collab between majorly cool brands, the tops I luv but the jeans which are the main draw are just so odd in their fit -yeah I get how they are boyfriend jeans- dunno…do you like it?

image tnx to Refinery 29

new players in the magazines

Hello lovelies! Been a bit off the radar tnx to a little fever attack, I can stay awake for more than 30 minutes at a time now so definitely getting better! Now all I need to do is play a little catch up with the latest news in the jolly fashion world.
Oh by the by on that note have you noticed that in a lot of fashion magazines a lot of new brands are advertising, is it that big brands are cutting down thus opening a space to be filled by smaller brands, maybe at lower rates because they need someone to place an add or is it that smaller brands to amp their visibility are investing in traditional media…which one is it? In the case of say Isabel Marant it’s easy to tell since they just opened a store stateside why they are advertising in Vogue now but that is a very specific case what about the new crop of advertising chicos?

Friday, April 16, 2010

The hour gap screws with our shopping plans

Did you manage to get anything from the Outnet’s $1 sale? I did not *sob* I knew the hour gap was gonna play against me, I woke up early and was online at 7:30am only to find out every single item was sold out I could have screamed – I didn’t but I wanted to- next time something like this comes up I wont sleep…damn.
Anyways I consoled myself wondering online and here’s the result: some inspiration for wearing tan, enjoy!

images tnx to Garance Doré, Mr. Newton, Vanessa Jackman

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sick laptop and other tales

Hi! sorry for the lack of posting the last few days but my laptops ac adapter died on me so I'm frantically searching for a replacement like a hungry hyena, so until I get it posting is gonna be a little slow, sorry guys but keep coming as the regularity can happen any day now! Luv...

Monday, April 12, 2010

When you fall in model

Isn’t Bjork amazing? I adore her music, my favorite video of her is “When you fall in love” mainly because of the choreography worthy of a 40’s fantasy musical plus she plays the model quite well in this pic, what’s not to love?

Not to be outdone by Bjork Maggie and Amanda are trying hard on the model thingfor great effect!

Image tnx to bohemea

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Personally Marc Jacobs

Normally we don’t really look too closely on designer’s personal style which is odd enough considering they are the ones who guide what we wear, even if their inspiration comes from the streets for good measure what we as consumers get in the end is the designers filtered view of the streets.
That got me thinking on a designer whose personal style j’adore: Marc Jacobs.
Even if his SS10 offering was not my cup of chocolate –especially the bags that had David Crockett’s dyed hat dangling from them eek- but hey at least he redeemed himself for fall…anyways I just adore his personal style because he can rock a skirt!
-well a kilt technically, why do men justify their skirt wearing habits by calling it something else? It is a skirt by modern standards in the past women only wore long skirts so middle ages men could justify calling it whatever they wanted but these days ¡it’s a skirt!- * ahem* rant over haha.
I like that MJ always looks so confident in it and he looks like a man, he varies the shoes and even pulled off a black clutch yet he never looked ridiculous, I guess I like the fact that he isn’t going for gimmicks and the secret is sharp tailoring like Vin Diesel

on some MTV Europe awards long ago where he wore a black leather skirt with a long sleeved t-shirt ¡gorge!
–and I’m no VD fan by the by but that day I was-
Bravo MJ I think you are stunning!

Missoni + Converse = Premium Chuck Hi

Do you luv Missoni and their technically challenging to produce knits? Do you luv Converse and their cool street style vibe? If so then lucky you this unlikely pair have a collab dropping this month in the form of classic Missoni print adorned hightops in two color schemes, still can’t decide which one I like the most and je suis junting for the price as well and retailers that will carry it as most likely distribution is going to be limited.
What do you think of this experiment?

Sadako's make-up chic

This is Grey Ant's spring summer 2010 lookbook taking a styling cue from the Ringu movies...lovely....
such an easy to wear collection no?

images tnx to Grey Ant

Friday, April 9, 2010


Luv this Karel Kuehne image from his editorial shoot for Quality Magazine, image tnx to Fashion Gone Rogue

I need some pampering...

So I would appreciate one of this bb’s from Luisa Via Roma with enough moolah on it to get me a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood fluro pyton lace-up sandals I need them in my life desperately.

Images LVR & Nicholas Kirkwood

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Support a fashion startup!

While making the daily internet rounds I came across this amazing piece of news courtesy of The Cut; a new internet page that allows any fashion luvah to contribute funding to emerging talents, the company in question is called Fashion Stake and when describing what they are about they use the words “buying a stake in the company” that at first glance leads you to believe you actually get to own a piece of the fashion brand you decide to pony up moolah for which is not the case, you do not get to triple your investment or get actual profit but instead its more closely resembling a donation, as a supporter –see not investor supporter- what you get are credits for purchases, special offers and discounts, invites to fashion shows or showroom –this part I like-
The creator of the site Vivian Weng worked helping fashion brands get capital which gave her the opportunity to witness how hard it is for designers –even well known ones- to get any money to start or expand their ventures.
This is such a wonderful idea, a lot of talent is sometimes unable to produce enough to invest in themselves and their creativity, you can’t sell on paper, designers need well crafted samples to present to buyers and/or to pay for a mini stand at a tradeshow in order to get off the ground.
The designers chosen for the first batch of the site must have fan bases and also produced previous collections which I think is a bit limiting in terms of who can make do of this opportunity, what I mean is if you are “selling $50 stakes” should you not try to at least include a few new, like on paper and maybe one sample type fresh out of uni to see were he can get? And on the other hand designers with established fan bases how much can they really raise money wise that is truly significant in terms of funding to take them to the next level? It would be sufficient if we take as an example the flood of $5 and $10 donations to the Obama campaign from millions of citizens made it possible for that camp to raise more greens than the opponents so Ms. Weng does have a serious money tree on her hands with potential to do a lot of good for the future stars of the industry I just wish there was also a space for the ones that are actually starting who may have the idea but not the cash to make it happen, maybe Fashion Stake will get there as the site takes off and matures a natural progression.
Also as The Cut points out real time target market research is a big plus on this idea, a money tree I tell ya!!!


Today I give you fashion candy! I luv the styling with those sort of calve corsets and overall presentation of this Toga lookbook, it’s a collection with a strong vibe living up to the deconstructed, avant garde, very urban ways always conveyed by Yasuko Furuta the designer/founder of the brand.
This collection is titled “Trans Romantic” but I could not find any info on the idea behind such a title so take from it whatever you wish.
Mainly it strikes me as a very wearable collection, full of details and interesting fabrics, the color scheme does not hurt its cool factor either, overall an alternative this season for the floral allergic and the minimalist opponents.

Images tnx to Toga check out the full lookbook there!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Leopard Dot Hair Thing

Image tnx to Vanessa Jackman, such a great head piece!

White Wonders

White conjures fresh, clean, summer but it can also be bold and sophisticated and it’s a great base to any closet. Major points for wearing it in winter when it lends a certain air to looks especially on a well cut coat but for the spring summer season it’s a must have and below a few white wonders I would love to

This Givenchy bag has a great shape, big enough but not overwhelming…do remember to use a leather protecting foam of good quality to prevent dirt to ruin the treasure and a little moist –with water only- rag often to keep it from accumulating oils or other stuff, btw no baby wipes! You’ve been warned!!!

This perforated leather Prada high-tops are stunning and cool in an understated way…maybe even good enough to wear for cocktail with the right outfit if you feel anti heels and fuzz, get them at Saks

Even if I sometimes run around happily sans watch, it is a great accessory and can bring interest to whatever you are wearing specially with its digital 5 year old kid appeal throw in some diamonds and we’re in business this one is the Sintra Jubilé by Rado

This Cheap Monday jeans are not exactly an accessory and not exactly this season either but they are so amazing…just coz

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Open Season

The lovely spring is here with all its cheerful pastels and lighter than air fabrics and what is lurking behind the corner? Summer! That means the perfect bathing suit is de rigueur and probably more than one, yes? Shopping for a bathing suit is a complicated activity full of frustration and disappointment, personally the one item I’m not fond of hunting down.
A complex equation brings forth the perfect bathing suit: it must flatter certain areas, camouflage others, reveal strategic points, be comfortable and have perfect proportions on all categories on barely any fabric…oh the joy.
As this is a complicated task it takes time to come across one I really luv –I’ve been known to take up to a month of almost daily search to pick one of these pesky creatures for a trip many moons ago- the stores are filled with lovelies and one entertains the idea of how perfect it would look with this flip flops you’ve got or the caftan you just saw at some store you just visited but crash agonizing under fluorescent light when it does not fit –rides too high, shows too much butt, makes your boobs too obvious or worse it flattens them, makes you *ahem* fatter- the trick is to find a suit that shows exactly the percentage of your body you can feel good in while complementing your shape.
Currently I have one main star and an understudy but I need a new one as the backup one is the sort I’d use for lounging in a pool were I’m the only swimmer not due to ugliness but plainliness, a straight forward design from Speedo that fits nicely -a two piece with contrasting piping- but what I want is a show piece like the one from Sais the little sister of Rosa Cha I got 3 years ago

and is still as perfect as the day it came to be mine, the main draw for me is the cheerful print and the little ¿wings? on the bottom, so now I’m scanning Brazilian brands precisely because of quality and uncommon approach to swimwear design.
For your viewing pleasure below a few styles that jumped at me.
So what’s your take on hunting the perfect bathing style do you have a favorite brand or just buy whatever and don’t fuss over it?

Pics tnx to Fashion Forward


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