Saturday, February 27, 2010

Derived from penguins and other eccentric's

The fashion week train is still running fast and furious surely giving us reasons to start a fall 2010 savings account and from the London station came along a collection I’ve been waiting to see for months.
Some many months ago I stumbled across a blog detailing the journey to creating a label, presenting it and all the craziness in the middle, the designer and namesake label in question Charlotte Taylor sort of gave me a Project Runway entertainment and inspiration, very educational as well just in case I decide someday to start designing again and hence producing my own brand. I even forwarded the link to my designer friends.
The wait came to an end as we have finally visual proof of all the process, yey!
Arghh and we had to wait…a lot…at least in Project Runway you only wait about 35mins to see the results but I guess that was part of the appeal of her blog and obviously she could not reveal anything until it was all good and ready.
Her inspirations were as she explained “Trashy grannies, penguins, old soap operas, movies and the eccentric within provide fuel for the fire in this bold yet elegant collection.”
So below the looks I really liked and could see myself wearing just as they are and also congratulations to Charlotte for her effort and hopefully stockers are all lined up!

All images are from Charlotte's blog

Friday, February 26, 2010

Head Honcho Chic

First off sorry for the lack of proper posts this few days there are “issues” with my Internet connection which I’m hoping to solve a.s.a.p. (argh so behind in my runway homework)
K by now you most be aware I’m not big on celebrities and their style on this blog mainly because I find it boring as most hire stylists so the looks are not really theirs and secondly so many people do that already so why bother, right?
However this is a special case sort of, yesterday I came across the picture of Natalie Massenet at Vanessa Jackman’s blog…hmm so? Well a funny thing happens with appearances and the importance we place on them and at the same time we seam to ignore them when it come to fashions movers and shakers, see we expect our hair stylist to have perfect hair and our dermatologist to have perfect skin, no wrinkles and be perfectly groomed, dentist most have perfect teeth, pilates instructors perfectly skinny and the list goes on and on but when it comes to fashion well…lets just say some insiders lack the very thing they are selling and yet we take their advice.
In Massenet’s case I was pleasantly surprised with her style, she is the head of a fashion empire and she looks the part, confident and effortless, approachable even.
Would luv to see picks of her underlings as well…do you think they measure up as well?

Here come the gloves

K this is one trend I'm really into for next fall, the opera lenght gloves, mostly seen in leather are dreamy and will keep you warm and dramatic!
The Row
Marc Jacobs
Richard Nicoll

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Luv Tina!

Some cool trinkets to drool over
How cute are these rings from Ambush?
These Mikli sunglasses have been around for some time but I find them so "now" -the word du jour- for spring, it goes to show that everything can be off the moment with the right aesthetic, it just needs to be exciting enought!
Do you own anything rather old (more than 1 season) that works with the current trends as if you just bought it today?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Practical Practical

I’m a huge fan of finger socks, you get out of your shoes and can get comfy in flip-flops to roam around the house and when I came across this legging it got exciting, why would it be exciting? OMG they are brilliant jajaja not really but they are comfortable as my feet tend to keep dry in all situations not squished together and even if these are only partial in finger separation I still find them a fab present from Sou Sou

Will this shoes cook your feet???

Jean Paul Gaultier for Melissa

This will make you sweat...they are pretty but just how easy to tolerate?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fashion Image Candy

Strong editorial images featuring some AW10-11 pieces from the F156 guys
Romina Karamanea
Jena Theo
Hermione de Paula
Eudon Cho
Derek Lawlor
Craig Lawrence
Alice Palmer
Iris Van Herpen

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage Velvet easing your way to Fall's main trend

Don’t hate on velvet, get used to it because come fall it will be everywhere! Oh and yes it’s a bit hard to pull off but it can be done without the cheapness factor you just need to mind the colors and shapes of a velvet piece.
People will find excuses to touch you so if you don’t like random strangers or even peeps you know invading your personal space steer clear!
Will try to post soon on my favorite looks from NYFW as my internet has been playing tricks on me and I’m exhausted and there’s no resting time tomorrow comes LFW arghhh I need a drink! A strong one.

1920's velvet
1920's velvet coat button
Late 1920's head candy from Bruck-Weiss New York
1930 red velvet dancing Dancing shoes from the 1930's

Jeanne Lanvin 1930 velvet
Jeanne Lanvin dress from the 1930's, all about the sleeves!

This week on Links à la Mode....

links a la mode

Style vs Fashion

Edited by Retro Chick

With the Fashion Week season in full swing and Fashion Pulse Daily live blogging from the IFB conference it can be easy to forget that there are other things going on in the world, where real women are shopping and dressing for real occasions.

There were actually surprisingly few Fashion Week oriented posts submitted this week. Possibly the Fashion Week attendees are still too busy to partake in Links á la Mode, but what I did find was a lot of posts focused on fashion, style and image in the real world. A Typical Atypical calls for a low fashion revolution and Idiosyncratic Style urges you to bring out your cocktail frocks for every day. Meanwhile, in the body image arena Intrinsically Florrie learns to love her specs, Sugar & Spice discusses tanning and Mariels Castle weighs in (see what I did there?) on the body size debate.

It would be impossible to leave this weeks links without mentioning the untimely and incredibly sad death of Alexander McQueen. There were posts submitted on this issue but I made the decision not to include them, not because they were bad, but because I felt that if I included one persons post I would need to include them all. There has been so much personal reflection on the life and designs of this amazing man in the fashion blogging world that to choose a small selection seemed impossible. If you would like to read these posts then, as ever, the full list of submissions is available in the forums.

Links à la Mode: February 18th

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  • Bonne Vie – Cultural Appropriation vs Cultural Inspiration: What you borrow from another culture when it comes to wardrobe should be thoughtful

  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor – Dear New Look; it’s over!

  • Eternal Masquerade – Covering the Parallels Between Our Current Winter Wonderland and Under the Sea Fashions

  • Fashion Pulse Daily – Fashion Pulse Daily blogs live from the Future of Fashion Blogging panel during IFB’s Evolving influence conference this week!

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  • Idiosyncratic Style – Fashion Dare – Let your party frocks come out and play!

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  • Mariels Castle – It’s not about been skinny or fat its about being healthy!

  • Retro Chick – Love, Lust & Burlesque with the Bridewell Collective

  • – Spring comes early to Golden Gate Park. Showcase of spring 2010 looks from San Francisco designers.

  • Stacie Blair – Show your Olympic spirit with fashionable gear from Aritzia!

  • Style Eyes – The dilemma of a fashion blogger and why I’m taking Dame Vivienne Westwoods advice to stop shopping

  • Style Symmetry – Fashion Blogger Interview Kingdom of Style’s Queen Michelle

  • Sugar and spice and all things nice – Discussing the dangers of tanning and why the only safe tan is one from a bottle!!

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  • The Very Subjective – very subjective (and therefore – very true) observations about style do’s and do not’s.

  • Thread Style – Heel-wearing fashionistas also can be feminists.

  • twentyteneightyfour – My thoughts on style vs fashion and how our appetite for fashion blogs is part of our quest for style

  • ventures of jenn – The Great Vintage Debate: the ‘price’ of vintage both within and outside of the western world and what it really means.

Monday, February 15, 2010

An affair of lingering proportions

My current favorite thing to wear even around the house is my new perfume Dèlices de Cartier Eau Fruitée, it’s delicious and lingers for the longest time and yes I realize this elixir has been around for quite a while but I received my bottle just a few weeks back –from a friend who has nothing to do with branding, retail or Cartier, not a corporate gift a personal one- and I’m in luv even preferring it over the other fragrance I’ve been wearing for some time, my guess is the novelty which will probably wear out some time soon but for now I’ll enjoy this love affair for all its worth.
Dèlices de Cartier

What camp do you adhere to?

The responses to Tanya Gold’s litany to how much she hates fashion are still making the blogosphere rounds I enjoyed reading this post and its comments, camps are divided and players struggle to takes sides since we all have issues of some kind with the industry whether it’s the unfair ideal body type shoved down our throats, the pawn your TV if you have to because you are nothing without this bag/shoe/dress, focused racism (noticed how Asian models are suddenly more visible this days? And all thanks to China prepping to be top dog in luxury spending and not because the industry finally realized that Asian girls are pretty), unfair labor compensation, contamination, waste and whatever you can think of the industry has a lot of demons.
But something people –and I’m including myself here- often forget is that we as consumers hold the power, we are the power behind the throne much like the church was to the kingdoms of old.
Brands depend on our money to survive, department stores buy according to their customers preferences so even if a designer shows up with rubber cone bras with tassels the store won’t stock them – double edged sword as sometimes we are at the mercy of tasteless buyers and the result is style starvation- even if said bra is in every editorial sexily portrayed by what’s her name.
Fashion is all about illusions, smoke and mirrors, magazines can show certain images but you are the one that makes the choice to accept them.
People get on their high horses and demand the industry to take in consideration fat people, and don’t hate me for this but fat is not good its not healthy just as much as extra thin starving bony model is not either or attractive for that matter, again photography hides a multitude of sins even without Photoshop.

bony Where's her cleavage? Why would anyone aspire to be this thin when it's clear its not an attractive look?
Does K. look healthy to you in this picture?

People seem to be fighting for their right to be fat, what nonsense is that?
These women are beautiful but fail to see that and instead depress themselves for not being “ideal” like the girl with protruding ribs in the magazine, and surrender themselves into size xxxl and complain clothes don’t fit. What better example that no one actually thinks size -0 is the ideal than the obsession with Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe healthy size

who by today standards should be size 8 or 10 (she fluctuated her weight) with out of this world voluptuous measurements ratio, and with insecurities like the girl next door but I’m guessing hers had nothing to do with being fat as…well she wasn’t she was healthy and knew how to dress her body type. Even a size two can find a dress unflattering if it’s not right for her figure. Skinny does not equal beauty as much as overweight does not equal freedom. It’s like missing a mark, go rail thin or be fat and no healthy on the horizon to which the general public as much as the fashion industry is to blame.

Christina Hendricks @ Who could say Christina Hendricks is anything but perfect? she's not a size -0 but clothes look amazing on her good enough for a fashion editorial ¡hello Vogue, Elle and company!

Which of this 2 would you say is prettiest? healthier?

Let’s not conform to what is deemed pretty that choice is ours to make, if there’s something pretty and its not flattering leave it be and move on, we should enjoy the process of making ourselves beautiful in our eyes then others will follow. Enjoy the images in the magazines for what they are: smoke and mirrors and support brands that make an effort to be diversity friendly. Creating and nurturing style with new, vintage, bespoke and not conforming to unrealistic standards builds confidence and avoid feeling wasteful over buying what you like –ehem the same dress in 3 colors- by donating whatever is not used and caring properly for even that H&M shirt purchased at $6 on sale.
You have the power of choice embrace it and use it wisely.

Luvs you can join me on Bloglovin' and Twitter

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Save the experience!

Susan Woo fall winter
Ahhh fashion week, we dream of it to come and when it finally does we struggle to keep up with all the hype going on every 5 seconds, it’s a tough business ain’it?
And like any other business it needs to move forward to remain relevant, and so the word around the block is that we might be witnessing the end of the Fashion Week shenanigans as we currently know them ¿really? I digress and now I’ll proceed to clearly and coherently tell you why –jajaja I’m a bit out of it today-
Ok so yeah how amazing to receive live 3D stream of a show directly to your laptop in the comfort of home or office instead of having to show up to some over hyped gathering a la Burberry this season and their live 3D show streaming eliminating the need to bother getting dressed up! How awesome is that? Not so much right? Precisely because the gathering and the freaking out over having nothing in the closet to wear is part of the experience, coming in full confrontation of the clothes and if you are lucky partial or even full interaction with them, plus some details just don’t show up in pictures –pictures depending on photographer and lighting have the uncanny ability to transform and camouflage runway sins- to this I can attest personally and then add the after party fun and all the free drinks and finger food.
Yes technological improvements are welcomed as they democratize fashion and allow for more interaction between brand and final consumer, for the joy of fashion admirers the world over.
But unless you want to live in the world of “Surrogates” –yeah that Bruce Willis movie- there are some experiences we should like to keep, don’t you agree?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodbye Alexander fashion will miss you

It’s a sad day for fashion, unless you were sleeping all day you should be aware by now of Alexander McQueen’s sad news, I was sleeping in today steadily approaching noon when a friend called my cell to share the news, I asked her to double check as it could be a misprint it was not and that’s so sad.
I remember how I used to walk past his store in Milan sometimes more than once every day on my way to class or to a local café between lessons drooling over all the pretty and expensive items made to make you dream.
At least he went out on top of his game –or does that make it worse- anyways my concern is his brand, what exactly will become of it? Already the McQ show in NY was cancelled but what about the main line? Yes it’s sad but is it wise? I don’t want to seem heartless but in the end his departure makes this shows even all the more important as they were the last he was involved in personally, his parting gift if you will to his millions of fans.
His brand was part of him and I don’t presume to know what he was thinking but my guess is that he did not mean for his brand to end with him but have a life of its own.
Do you think it is completely inappropriate for the show to go on?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alice's Wonderland just landed at Printemps

The Alice in Wonderland movie is going to be huge; it all started with teaser stills then came the trailer and now finally the windows for French retail giant Printemps who asked several top notch designers (Bernard Willhelm, Christopher Kane, Nicholas Kirkwood, Ann Demeulemeester, Charles Anastase, Chloé, Alexander McQueen, Manish Arora, Maison Martin Margiela, Haider Ackermann)to interpret the theme and voilà!
I personally desire a neckie like the White Rabbit’s so far no luck but I’ll get it and hopefully soon. So here’s the trailer and a link to the complete windows that the lovely Haute World took the time to take for those of us not in Paris to fuel your Alice fevers.

alice in wonderland
alice in wonderland
alice in wonderland
alice in wonderland
alice in wonderland

All pictures tnx to Haute World


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