Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What of New Year's resolutions?

Camilla Akrans

Waiting for the stroke of midnight is fun indeed, all of us full of hope and fresh resolutions for the New Year that will probably be dropped by the following weekend, nevertheless I decided to make a small list of things I want to get done in the following 12 months January, you know…in the spirit of not bitting more than I can chew.

Effective anti-procrastinator measures so I can feel satisfied with accomplishing my new year goals before loosing steam and guilt sets in for not getting around to cleaning my act.

1-Finish the pile of clothes that need to be adjusted or reworked myself or accept laziness and send them to the tailor (small stuff that should be done in an afternoon)
2-Finish 2 fabric necklaces that are half started
3-Eat at least one piece of fruit with every meal instead of my usual cookie/chocolate/random cake slice
4-Finally decide on the type of bangs I want and go for it before my mind changes again
5-Get around to send to the cobblers my cowboy boots and burgundy stilettos that need a bit of r&r
6-Force myself to hit the gym or martial art class (far more entertaining) at least twice a week
7-Nutella brownies need to be baked!

Nothing dramatic clearly but simple things that accumulate quickly and annoy while robbing us of time to pursue more interesting resolutions like planning that trip to Milan in May and what not.
Do you have your list ready?

pic via FGR


Lynn said...

I like your idea of taking martial art class, I'll write it on my list !

Happy new year!!


PSbyDila said...

Love the coat! Happy new year!


Alexandra said...

Good luck with your to do list ! Especially the fabric necklaces!

I love the fur coat in the photo <3

alexandra @

WendyB said...

Nutella brownies?! I want!


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