Sunday, December 12, 2010

Talk to me Harry Winston tell me all about it!

F.B. is all smiles in Harry Winston’s campaign and who would not be while wearing all those sparkly wonders? How long does that kind of craftmanship take?
The three pics below are my favorites from the 2010 "Live the Moment" campaign lensed by Patrick Demarchelier and style directed by Fabien Baron, not just for the jewels in each of them but how they were showcased, honestly Freja’s face looks exactly like mine or yours would look if a darling someone gave us one of those just because today is sunday.

I’m loving the black lace ¿blouse/dress? here, the idea of piling on big chunky bracelets looks modern because of how varied they are, the multiple rings and no earrings. For the moment I’d have to resort to Swarovski and rhinestones to pull off the vibe for the holiday season, you see no H.W. something something in my hands yet *sigh*

This American luxury heaven has since its 1932 beginnings placed great importance on the stones and settings but maybe their design could be a little more daring no?

pics via FGR

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classiq said...

She looks amazing! Love the photos!


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