Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's all about the hair

A few months ago I decided to let my hair grow again, for the past two years my hairstyle varied among really cool bobs with all sorts of angles and sharp edges, now I want it lush and slightly wavy Victoria’s Secret model-style and I’m happy to say I’m getting there with the help of coconut oil every week to hydrate (you should try it).
If there is one constant among the “angels” other than super hot bodies only hard ass diets can provide is the sexy hair, regardless of color it is always shiny and bouncy ready for some hairography. Bow to the hair.


minnja said...

Love it:))))


M* said...

the VS hair is ALWAYS sooo pretty! That's how my hair should be everyday after waking up :)

Nice blog!
You should check out mine:


M said...

jajajaja if only it were as easy as weaking up with it! ahh we can dream...


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