Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What of New Year's resolutions?

Camilla Akrans

Waiting for the stroke of midnight is fun indeed, all of us full of hope and fresh resolutions for the New Year that will probably be dropped by the following weekend, nevertheless I decided to make a small list of things I want to get done in the following 12 months January, you know…in the spirit of not bitting more than I can chew.

Effective anti-procrastinator measures so I can feel satisfied with accomplishing my new year goals before loosing steam and guilt sets in for not getting around to cleaning my act.

1-Finish the pile of clothes that need to be adjusted or reworked myself or accept laziness and send them to the tailor (small stuff that should be done in an afternoon)
2-Finish 2 fabric necklaces that are half started
3-Eat at least one piece of fruit with every meal instead of my usual cookie/chocolate/random cake slice
4-Finally decide on the type of bangs I want and go for it before my mind changes again
5-Get around to send to the cobblers my cowboy boots and burgundy stilettos that need a bit of r&r
6-Force myself to hit the gym or martial art class (far more entertaining) at least twice a week
7-Nutella brownies need to be baked!

Nothing dramatic clearly but simple things that accumulate quickly and annoy while robbing us of time to pursue more interesting resolutions like planning that trip to Milan in May and what not.
Do you have your list ready?

pic via FGR

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have you been good this year?

It’s X-mas people so I sincerely hope you were good this year so Santa will bring you amazing presents. A virtual hug to all of you beautiful people! The best is yet to come! Luv xx

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's raining...sadly not men...

It’s been raining cats and dogs lately and my printed rain boots need replacement (water inside = wet socks grrrr x 1000) but they fought a good battle since they’ve been playing in the rain for more than 5 years with me –talk about a good investment- so today begun a search for my much needed splashing partner; in local stores the options are practically nonexistent which is incredible in a place that receives this much rain (we’re talking sidewalks morphing into rivers)…unless you head to a store that supplies the needs of highland producers since the workers usually can’t wear anything but rain boots but they are field worker oriented so I leave it to you to imagine what they look like…
Online? So far nothing I like is under a $100 but then again I will be wearing them a lot so eventually the search will stop and I will probably agree to pay mucho mas moolah than I had planned for a pair of rubber insulation. Recommendations? Send them my way: best if said pair plays nice with clothes that go from super casual to business casual!

Marina Rinaldi $690.00

Tory Burch $225.00

Hunter $175.00

Givenchy $200
Hunter $125.00

pics via Saks & NAP

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Talk to me Harry Winston tell me all about it!

F.B. is all smiles in Harry Winston’s campaign and who would not be while wearing all those sparkly wonders? How long does that kind of craftmanship take?
The three pics below are my favorites from the 2010 "Live the Moment" campaign lensed by Patrick Demarchelier and style directed by Fabien Baron, not just for the jewels in each of them but how they were showcased, honestly Freja’s face looks exactly like mine or yours would look if a darling someone gave us one of those just because today is sunday.

I’m loving the black lace ¿blouse/dress? here, the idea of piling on big chunky bracelets looks modern because of how varied they are, the multiple rings and no earrings. For the moment I’d have to resort to Swarovski and rhinestones to pull off the vibe for the holiday season, you see no H.W. something something in my hands yet *sigh*

This American luxury heaven has since its 1932 beginnings placed great importance on the stones and settings but maybe their design could be a little more daring no?

pics via FGR

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's all about the hair

A few months ago I decided to let my hair grow again, for the past two years my hairstyle varied among really cool bobs with all sorts of angles and sharp edges, now I want it lush and slightly wavy Victoria’s Secret model-style and I’m happy to say I’m getting there with the help of coconut oil every week to hydrate (you should try it).
If there is one constant among the “angels” other than super hot bodies only hard ass diets can provide is the sexy hair, regardless of color it is always shiny and bouncy ready for some hairography. Bow to the hair.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Costume Design Thursdays: Volume 1

Shame I was not able to find a full shot of this Givenchy designed cocktail length dress that has haunted me for years that Jean Seberg wears in the black and white scenes from Bonjour Tristesse. When I saw the movie a few years ago I fell in love with the dress but then forgot the name of the movie and well…could not investigate it’s origins until recently when searching for something else (as it often happens to me) I came across the actress and from there to the movie to the dress jajaja. Deborah Kerr is also in the cast and her entire wardrobe is Givenchy, it’s a beautiful movie to watch for a virtual tour of the Riviera…a trip maybe Rodarte took when designing for Target *ahem* (not pointing any fingers but wow it’s like it belongs in the Adventures in Copyright section at Fashionista)


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