Thursday, November 11, 2010

Zombiepocalypse wardrobe issues solved

Ever wondered what would you were to a zombiepocalypse? Since I’m all about The Walking Dead show that question is on my head a lot lately, so if I’m ever cast as a zombie slayer in a movie/TV show –what are the odds of that but work with me- I’d like it to be... you know realistic and not a red asymmetrical mini dress a la Alice on Resident Evil.
Then came this editorial of Marie Claire UK and I think it could work provided one changes shoes and maybe add some protective guards on knees, elbows and some giant glasses to prevent any “contamination”. My reasoning behind this is a slayer needs heavier clothes to prevent scratching, leather boots to protect from bites coming from ground level and rubber soles to move almost soundless, slick design so nothing snags on objects lying on the way to the escape route, gloves are crucial. More importantly the outfits on this editorial fit the bill because they look powerful and could hide any possible blood spatter.
What do you think you’d wear?

Pics via Fashion Gone Rogue


Haute World said...

What a great editorial! I agree with your outfit suggestions and most of the looks in this editorial. I definitely think that outfits also need to be easy to move in, or else you'll have trouble running after your prey...

Clare said...

Awesome editorial!

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