Monday, November 15, 2010

Grand Strategist : welcome back Mr. Ford!!!!

I’m glad Tom Ford is back; more than his design talents I admire his fashion promotion super powers, he has a way of crafting interest and story around a product that few designers have (or marketing experts btw). It may seem a bit hypocritical or pretentious what he’s doing now limiting access to his shows but you can bet that’s a carefully conceived strategy meant to highlight his clothes now that we’ve seen all the other collections and dissected them to no end here he comes with fresh product. Brilliant strategy if you ask me from a self financed brand that even with a super star designer is miles away from the promotion budgets big companies have.
When it comes to the collection itself well…My mind was not blown away as I expected, the clothes are pretty but rather blah but this being a Tom Ford collection the details up close must be incredible and the fit perfect regardless of who tries them on.

Oh isn’t he looking stunning in these pics? I’m so happy you are back Tom!!!

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Style Porn said...

He DOES look stunning in these photographs! He's always been good-looking but damn he looks almost boyish. My guess is that he's been kissed by the botox needle.

Definitely looking forward to his return though. I hope this is just the beginning.


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