Monday, November 29, 2010

The technical part of wearing a plunging neckline

                                                                                                               Greg Kadel

There’s a lot written on the taste balancing act that comes from wearing a plunging neckline like the one Jessica Stam is wearing on the picture above, some recommend to keep the hems on the knee or longer or to cover your arms, but what about the technical issues? Do you wear a bra? If you have more than a B cup can you get away with this type of garment? Among other doubts.
In my opinion there is no reason a C cup girl (maybe even a D) can’t wear this type of neckline, but the key thing is to give the bust support to avoid looking saggy and to keep things from wriggling around too much, you can do this with adhesive cups or uplifting push ups.

Which you can trim if needed to conceal following the lines of your garment for a custom fit. Another item to assist your plunginess is double sided garment tape, the kind that leaves no residue on fabric or skin to prevent the neckline to move revealing more than you had planned. Adding a silicon nipple cover is also good to remove the worries of temperature changes but beware if your fabric is too thin as the pasties can draw more attention to the nips in which case you need thin adhesive pasties.
Now equally important is to keep the line from neck to end of neckline clean and flat, do not push your boobies together, what you want is to lift each breast in its own natural position making sure both are smooth and at the same height. Other than support what you need is confidence and an editing eye when styling.

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