Monday, November 22, 2010

Styling tips to help you channel the trendy big cats of Fall 2010

Animal print is one tricky bastard of a trend, make a little mistake on the styling and it can go trashy faster than you would think so you need to handle with care.
While contemplating the massive offerings of animalia online I remembered I have my own leopard channeling top/skirt set in the deep end of my closet from my high school graduation, it’s a simple shape in rich colors which is perfect since the pieces are made from a fabric with a finish that while not disco ball shinny it is not exactly matte.
Honestly no idea why the animal print since it was not “in” at the moment (guess I just liked it) and will wear it soon, so far 3 outfits already planned as a set and individually, promise to take pictures for you guys to see it! (Yes I’m planning to post more than the occasional outfit pics soon enough).
And since fall 2010 is the season to channel big cats it would be a good idea to look at how fashion icons rocked their animal inclinations for a little inspiration.

Jackie Kennedy who sparked a leopard craze back in the day

Sophia Loren

A model wearing Dior Couture 1947

Grace Coddington

Ursula Andress

Audrey Hepburn in a scene from Charade

Marilyn Monroe channeling Jane of the Jungle

Barbara Stanwyc

So what have I learned?

-Keep it simple people: let the print do the talking while keeping the silhouette on the basic side
-Ladylike accessories work like a charm but you can also go tough
-Fabric quality is important for how the look turns out
-Animal print works as a neutral so have fun with contrasting jewel colors
-A little cat goes a long way on belts, pumps or bags
-Rock badass or ladylike both require the makeup to be simple: basically just liner and lipstick
 (if red less liner please), avoid the mask face at all costs
-Bed hair and never-ending legs never looked so sexy

Did I missed something? Take to the comments and share!


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