Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion illustrations that bring Halloween to mind

So how was your Halloween? Were you the sluttiest of them all in a lingerie set impersonating a costume or did you went the creative way?
I did not get to celebrate this year but it’s not important since tomorrow  later white sands and cocktails at sunset await! So I’ll be doing some drinking in your honor since I like you guys so much *_*
And since I had not posted any illustrations in a while here are two that somehow seem fitting from talented Christina Koutsospyrou (try saying that 5 times really fast).
Sorry rambling it’s late and je suis tired and on a mini-break from getting my bag for paradise ready. Luv!'s like an urban Phantom of the Opera costume


Elaine said...

Hahahahaha, I'm so glad you mentioned the lingerie... When I first saw that on Mean Girls I was like No Way... But it's so true and so sad and so uncreative.

M said...

I know it's an easy way out, you can still be hot in a creative costume!

SOFIA said...

i love fashion illustration))


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