Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've vanquished the evil mustard squares!!!!

Oh what happiness fills my heart after FINALLY been able to fix the problem with the blog’s header and footer and that obnoxious mustard background that tormented me and robbed me of any desire to post.
The guilty party? A poll I had added to my Gap logo post, after eliminating its offending html code peace has returned to my Castle at last!
Finally I would like to thank Rajeev from MintBlogger who took the time to try to help me fix the problem; I suggest you visit his page for blogging techie stuff, very helpful.
Wow I sound like I’ve received an award or something, most confess it feels pretty good to figure what was wrong on my own and after watching about 2hrs of Jake Gyllenhall’s hotness on Prince of Persia and vanquishing the mustard squares, all I can say is life is good today!
And just to spread the joy here’s a little eye candy Luvs!

Happier than 1 second ago? Yeah that's what I thought! xx

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