Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Bank vs My Hair: How to conceal a bad hair day?

What is your 911 secret for bad hair days? Other than a hat which is what I usually run for. Today because of some unforeseen detail I had to go to the bank but I could not go in without taking my cap off, the WTF alarm went off in my head, it’s a stylish cap of black and white tweed, I was channeling rocker chic girl with red skinny jeans and lips to match, but if I took it off I would have been crazy hair chic so I chose style over practical and left.
From this lesson I gather that for future bad hair days that may lead me to the bank other solutions most be found a.s.a.p. just to be prepared.
So below I give you a few options that might help control the beast from Louis Mariette that are absolutely precious and might give that jeans and t a bit of polish.

Hair bands are good but what of extreme emergencies when ALL hairs most be concealed? Maybe wrapping a light scarf over your head (provided you leave the forehead and a few inches of hair visible so they let you in the bank). Another thought comes from the ridiculous rule: what about women that for religious views cover their hair? Are exemptions made for them or are they forever banned from entering banks?

All images tnx to Net-a-Porter


Haute World said...

I usually go for hats as well. I guess scarves could work, but they take a little practice and for the ultimate emergency there's always dry shampoo. Those Louis Mariette pieces are gorgeous!

M said...

mmm dry shampoo...can it control static wild frizz???


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