Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fashion Month is Over...FINALLY

Finally the fashion madness is over! What did you think of the last show of the season? Miu Miu made me happy with those fabulous shoes, metallic’s and stars (a little comic inspired maybe) but some of the jackets looked garish and unflattering, but those were nothing in the context of the whole presentation which I liked very much.
No pics yet from Prada’s little sister so I’ll share some jewelry from Mexico a collection that resides at Chapultepec Palace which I visited a few years ago when I visited the country (which is lovely and I never get tired of visiting).
The images were taken by a friend who got lucky no one was looking (I’ve never been able to sneak a photograph in there the guards are like hawks). All the fantastic pieces in the 1st one belonged to Empress Carlotta; the crown in the second image was a present from the people to Benito Juarez.

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Illinois Jewelry said...

I like your fashion madness. Beautiful piece of jewelery collection. So much varieties and well designed. i Like your presentation. its simple and nicely kept.

M said...

Tnx that's lovely to hear!


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