Saturday, September 25, 2010

Zoom on Prada's happy monkey's and striped tails

For me the Prada spring summer 2011 show was epic in terms of what it offers my closet be it original or as an inspiration source but it also provided a healthy dose of WTF for spring.
In my head Miucia’s voice went: So can I interest you in a ridiculous printed fur tail to wear or more likely just carry around making your hands sweat because you’re holding said tail in hot weather?
And guess what? I kind of want to buy into it, so cute were they…in a way the evolved cousins of the LV bag tails…but these I do want maybe because I’m feeling strongly on stripes and its always nice to hold something furry and not worrying it can go wee wee on your clothes/carpet while out and about.
Now lets not forget the fantastic shoes that look quite comfortable if you care for such a thing (I presume you do), striped purses, dancing monkeys and bright colors all around, I fell in love.

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Jonathon Pedrozo said...

So loved those colours! im also into stripes, multi colour colourblock but into that kind of platforms.. i liked more her usual japanese heels shoes, really miss seeing that :(

but so cute pictures and the furry tailed purse is amazing!



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