Thursday, September 2, 2010

So I was ahead of Vogue Italia: on new nail trend!

Going thru the couture supplement starring Elisa Sednaoui and photographed by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia I noticed something funny: THE NAILS.
Do you remember a few weeks ago more than a month ago I showed you my attempt at the inverted French manicure that I saw Jennifer Love Hewitt sporting in yellow?
Well the trend was recreated in the glossie pages only this time shorter and red (as mine only I chose neon orange). So does this mean JLH is a fashion trendsetter now or does she share her nail artist with the fashion industry? Who came up with this new take on the iconic nail do the starlet or her nail artist?
Whatever the answer it feels nice to be ahead of the fashion Bibles from time to time.

follow the link for the full editorial at FGR


Melissa~ said...

I don't think so. That's quite a common nail art. Sometimes I do it mixing my favourite nailpolishes.
I looks good.

M said...

@Melissa:Is it? I just recently saw it, even if it's been around it's the firt time I've seen it on a magazine but I may be wrong.


Haute World said...

I think I'd probably have to go back to the FW10 runway close-ups to see if the inverted French mani was featured there, but I remember reading in Vogue UK a few months ago that it was one of the Fall beauty must-dos (along with whatever make-up was heavily featured). Who knows though... I'm sure JLH got it from some celeb stylist who's doing all the celeb nails ;-)


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