Thursday, September 9, 2010

NYFW Diversity: Organic by John Patrick leads the way

So finally fashion week is upon us, so far so good but the mammoth of information we’ll be absorbing in the next few weeks is gonna leave us exhausted, I’m actually tired already just thinking about it but at the same time it’s a great feeling of discovery like opening x-mas presents. So I begin by giving a round of applause for Organic by John Patrick and his casting team for including diversity in their 19 look presentation (Sept.8).
What I love is that they did not just put one black girl just to have one and call it a day, all their models had the same “vibe” regardless of race, so it was a very cohesive flow that showcased the clothes in the best possible light.
The collection is lovely with great proportions and low key styling complete with a soft take on siren wavy hair.
I’m hoping this is just the first of many shows with a multicultural cast.

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Melissa~ said...

This is one of my favourite collections, it's in my list for my review.
It was perfect.

Dolls Factory said...

love the colors especially the ones in white


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