Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nudity Lately on Fashion Editorials

Nudity, what gives? I’m not a prude by any means and I actually recent the hoopla that a little boob elicits whether on TV or printed media while shirtless men barely gather a second look unless the shirtless man in question is really hot so you just have to look again and again and then some more and can develop into a cult-like phenomenon a la Taylor Lautner.

By Paolo Roversi

But I can’t help but question all the breasts on display on fashion editorials lately, if it does not feel transgressive then what is the point?
Women have nothing to be ashamed of their bodies? True
No bra under a sheer top to preserve the integrity of the piece? Yes (in an editorial do not dare to hit the streets like that unless you are very brave)
Do we need to see the models deliberately expose themselves just because? No
Are the boobies going to make potential buyers want a pair of pants more? I don’t think so.

By Johan Sandbergh

I can’t help but wonder if the photographers just go “ok hun now show me some tittays” in the middle of the shoot. It all derives from a cultural obsession with women and their lovely humps from both men and women but curiously the ones I’ve encountered lately have been produced by a male photographer…coincidence?
I agree with this statement Carolyn Latteier shares in her book:
“Breast: the women’s perspective on an American obsession”

These contemporary stereotypes have their roots buried deep in Western civilization’s long tradition of devaluing the fleshy and the sexual. Socially and politically, this metaphysical malaise has played itself out on the bodies of women. Under a historically male controlled power structure, the qualities of fleshy sexiness are projected onto women’s bodies.
Those fleshy objects must be ruled, regulated and owned.

By Jonas Bresnan

I mean at times fashion spreads feel a little like Playboy, only glamorized since you know its fashion with capital F, but since the core of this stories is not about showing the emancipation of women from double standards and friends the result is more times than not raunchy and self serving without even going into Terry Richardson territory.

By Peter Lindbergh

I would like society stop equating the nude female body with impurity, sexuality is not a bad thing; women are not responsible for men’s dirty thoughts when they encounter breasts covered or otherwise. Boobs should not be used just for shock value because there is nothing inherently shocking about them, they are the bomb and we should be proud.
So do you care at all for the abundance of breasts in fashion editorials lately?

By Sean and Seng

All the pictures are from editorials for September issues of different magazines via FGR.
Now you ask: Máriel what’s with the weird censoring?
My reply: I don’t want the "G" police to shut down my blog.

EDIT: tnx Ginger for pointing out the models share a prepubescent body with the exception of Eniko, but that may be due to the preference of designers to cast nearly flat chested girls as to avoid “disturbing” the lines of a design. These girls then become famous and get cast for editorials. It’s a chain.

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ginger said...

What was shocking to me was how small these women's breasts are. I mean you know models are skinny and you hear about these things but the one thing that makes me want to keep/gain weight when looking at an editorial is a completely flat model whose face looks 25. It's just so clearly wrong.

M said...

Ginger you are right...had not given that fact any attention...

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I don't have a problem with nude pictures as long as it's tastefully done. I also think some editorials can do without showing a lot of skin. It's really unnecessary. I think it's great to see a woman's body being celebrated but it should be within boundaries. xoxooxxoxooo

Eden said...

Honestly I don't really have a problem with nudity BUT lately it's been too much.I love transparent clothes but I always put at least underwear.I see that models don't really have breasts so there's kinda nothing to hide but anyway I don't really like it.Maybe it's related with the crisis,hope in the future I'll see more clothes:)))
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Dolls Factory said...

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Anonymous said...

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