Thursday, September 23, 2010

Immediate Closet Satisfaction

Oh boy have I been out of it with the catching up to shows I’ve been glued to a Korean dramamedy (yey subtitles) this past 2 days, it’s funny and cute and the styling as good as usual with TV shows from Korea and Japan…makes me wonder if the population is so styled 24/7.
Where are the slobs with ill fitting dull outfits? Ah how TV land makes us dream of entire cities full of stylish individuals.
Found myself also entranced with pictures of runway attendees and feeling the need to eschew talking of spring offerings and concentrate on what we need to be wearing right now…it’s the wanting what we can’t yet have that bothers me of going into spring 2011 coverage mainly because of the break in continuity I had thanks the “fantastic” internet service and my 8 days fast from fashion world, I just need to get excited again (which I am btw but for Fall 2010 not Spring 2011 as I was weeks ago).
If you are giddy over fashion films as I am let me recommend this very interesting article analysing Proenza Schouler’s Act Da Fool.
So for now a few wear this very minute inspiration for the stylish closet I know you have.

Loving several items in this picture just not the way they were organized but then Anna is always fun to look at and I don’t think she dresses with the aim of looking stylish for others but just for a smile when she looks in the mirror.

Pretty much perfect from the hairstyle to the shoes...I want!

Love the tunic and the boots; I fancy her belonging in a cool space adventure movie.

She had me at the hat and then secured me with the big clutch, 70’s inspired but not dated.Plus I love the floating effect the pants give.

Just badass style please check her hair!
BTW all pics above via The Sartorialist.

Yeah hats are here to stay! She just came back from a trip to Hippieland but the black makes her likeable so we don’t need to send her back. Colors are fantastic but on an outfit with these proportions and silhouette it would have made her cartoonish, the bag is great contrast and highlights the core vibe of the outfit. Did that make any sense?

I’m getting a Maria from West Side Story thing-y.

Part model off duty part cool editor equals all around fabulousness. I want it all right off her back including the hot red lips!

This is one dangerous outfit and not due to the horizontal stripes, it needs a good a perfect fit to work: not too clingy for risk of exposing your panty lines to the world or how you overdid lunch. You want something that skims your figure but leaves a little room.
BTW pics above via Mr.Newton.

With that hair it’s like Amish girl gone cool or a bullfighter…all the magic here comes from the alternative neck embellishment paired with the way she’s wearing the sweater since with so simple pieces and colors if worn any less exciting she could easily be mistaken for a catering waiter.

Great bracelet and coolness all over and it’s so simple to emulate.

The use of animal print here gives a little something extra to the sweet coloring of the dress and unfussy lines of all the accessories. Lady-like edginess.
BTW pics above via Hanneli.

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