Monday, September 27, 2010

Holey Marni!

Got to say the Swiss cheese action over at Marni on some jackets and vests provide a great layering option that I’m sure will produce interesting outfits in the right hands. A well ventilated thin layer of cool is oh so important when temperatures rise and if you are like me and love a well balanced ratio of skin vs. fabric this is very important.
Then as usual the necklaces are special, a few of them resemble speakers and tea balls and finally from the configuration of the metal they shift to kitchen strainers, confusing but in a good way, part of the fun is figuring out what are they made of.
I appreciate the use of thin leather in a color other than camel as well, that baby blue is sweet but not in a 3 bags of marshmallows in a row kind of way.
Also the cut of the t-shirts is really flattering on a wide spectrum of body types, skimming the silhouette but not hugging the bumps and the length of the sleeve also hits in a good place in the arm, maybe a bit too long but that’s ok because it is not so wide (the usual women t’s have really short sleeves that can make even a very thin arm look fat).
But I have to say some of the elements of this collection have me a bit on the fence especially the pastel flower prints with black strings that remind me of faded patio furniture from the 70’s.
Still this is the quirky style Consuelo is known and loved for.

Pics via

I leave you with a song that's been on played to infinitum for the past 2 days on my ipod, quite the "fashion" song if there is such a category plus a great video, Martina took the trouble of learning the song (or parts of it) backwards, how awesome is that?

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I have to say, I kind of like it. I would never wear it, of course; but I do like the look a bit! :P

Porcelain complexion said...

Quirky indeed but cool :)
Thanks for stopping by xo

Jonathon Pedrozo said...

Nice! Inspiration 100%%

{ I V Y } said...

oh my i love the bold block colours <3

Dolls Factory said...

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