Monday, September 20, 2010

Back on the online wagon!

Hey my Luv’s! I’m finally back online after 8 days without internet service and yeah I think hate comes to mind when I think about my service, kind of had to fight the costumer service idiots to do a proper check on my mobile device to see that something indeed was not working well and after 8 ()&&%$ days the problem is still there it seems but I’m doing several tests to confirm (videos are cut and do not load to the end not even slowly), so I need to catch up on the last days of NYFW and what has been coming in from LFW.
Playing catch up with fashion is not fun when such mammoth of information is generated every 5 minutes.
Sooo posting will return to normal as of today (here’s hoping) and I’m investing time into changing providers as of today.
Any info you think I might NEED to know from what has come out of the Fashion Weeks for the last 8 days you think I should know? Share!

You can also send me the info via Twitter

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