Monday, September 27, 2010

Holey Marni!

Got to say the Swiss cheese action over at Marni on some jackets and vests provide a great layering option that I’m sure will produce interesting outfits in the right hands. A well ventilated thin layer of cool is oh so important when temperatures rise and if you are like me and love a well balanced ratio of skin vs. fabric this is very important.
Then as usual the necklaces are special, a few of them resemble speakers and tea balls and finally from the configuration of the metal they shift to kitchen strainers, confusing but in a good way, part of the fun is figuring out what are they made of.
I appreciate the use of thin leather in a color other than camel as well, that baby blue is sweet but not in a 3 bags of marshmallows in a row kind of way.
Also the cut of the t-shirts is really flattering on a wide spectrum of body types, skimming the silhouette but not hugging the bumps and the length of the sleeve also hits in a good place in the arm, maybe a bit too long but that’s ok because it is not so wide (the usual women t’s have really short sleeves that can make even a very thin arm look fat).
But I have to say some of the elements of this collection have me a bit on the fence especially the pastel flower prints with black strings that remind me of faded patio furniture from the 70’s.
Still this is the quirky style Consuelo is known and loved for.

Pics via

I leave you with a song that's been on played to infinitum for the past 2 days on my ipod, quite the "fashion" song if there is such a category plus a great video, Martina took the trouble of learning the song (or parts of it) backwards, how awesome is that?

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Zoom on Prada's happy monkey's and striped tails

For me the Prada spring summer 2011 show was epic in terms of what it offers my closet be it original or as an inspiration source but it also provided a healthy dose of WTF for spring.
In my head Miucia’s voice went: So can I interest you in a ridiculous printed fur tail to wear or more likely just carry around making your hands sweat because you’re holding said tail in hot weather?
And guess what? I kind of want to buy into it, so cute were they…in a way the evolved cousins of the LV bag tails…but these I do want maybe because I’m feeling strongly on stripes and its always nice to hold something furry and not worrying it can go wee wee on your clothes/carpet while out and about.
Now lets not forget the fantastic shoes that look quite comfortable if you care for such a thing (I presume you do), striped purses, dancing monkeys and bright colors all around, I fell in love.

Pics via
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Immediate Closet Satisfaction

Oh boy have I been out of it with the catching up to shows I’ve been glued to a Korean dramamedy (yey subtitles) this past 2 days, it’s funny and cute and the styling as good as usual with TV shows from Korea and Japan…makes me wonder if the population is so styled 24/7.
Where are the slobs with ill fitting dull outfits? Ah how TV land makes us dream of entire cities full of stylish individuals.
Found myself also entranced with pictures of runway attendees and feeling the need to eschew talking of spring offerings and concentrate on what we need to be wearing right now…it’s the wanting what we can’t yet have that bothers me of going into spring 2011 coverage mainly because of the break in continuity I had thanks the “fantastic” internet service and my 8 days fast from fashion world, I just need to get excited again (which I am btw but for Fall 2010 not Spring 2011 as I was weeks ago).
If you are giddy over fashion films as I am let me recommend this very interesting article analysing Proenza Schouler’s Act Da Fool.
So for now a few wear this very minute inspiration for the stylish closet I know you have.

Loving several items in this picture just not the way they were organized but then Anna is always fun to look at and I don’t think she dresses with the aim of looking stylish for others but just for a smile when she looks in the mirror.

Pretty much perfect from the hairstyle to the shoes...I want!

Love the tunic and the boots; I fancy her belonging in a cool space adventure movie.

She had me at the hat and then secured me with the big clutch, 70’s inspired but not dated.Plus I love the floating effect the pants give.

Just badass style please check her hair!
BTW all pics above via The Sartorialist.

Yeah hats are here to stay! She just came back from a trip to Hippieland but the black makes her likeable so we don’t need to send her back. Colors are fantastic but on an outfit with these proportions and silhouette it would have made her cartoonish, the bag is great contrast and highlights the core vibe of the outfit. Did that make any sense?

I’m getting a Maria from West Side Story thing-y.

Part model off duty part cool editor equals all around fabulousness. I want it all right off her back including the hot red lips!

This is one dangerous outfit and not due to the horizontal stripes, it needs a good a perfect fit to work: not too clingy for risk of exposing your panty lines to the world or how you overdid lunch. You want something that skims your figure but leaves a little room.
BTW pics above via Mr.Newton.

With that hair it’s like Amish girl gone cool or a bullfighter…all the magic here comes from the alternative neck embellishment paired with the way she’s wearing the sweater since with so simple pieces and colors if worn any less exciting she could easily be mistaken for a catering waiter.

Great bracelet and coolness all over and it’s so simple to emulate.

The use of animal print here gives a little something extra to the sweet coloring of the dress and unfussy lines of all the accessories. Lady-like edginess.
BTW pics above via Hanneli.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Tutorial sharing for my fellow make-up challenged Luvs

Clothes and the art of getting dressed comes natural to me but when it comes to makeup I’m a bit “challenged” and have taken great affection for video tutorials that guide me thru the process of applying layers of color to my face and making it look radiant/more awake/sophisticated/and whatever else can be achieved via the colored goo.
And 10 minutes ago I randomly found this video while looking for something else entirely and I loved the fresh faced look of it and how short and clear the video is.
So check it out and let me know what you think of it while you’re at it.

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Back on the online wagon!

Hey my Luv’s! I’m finally back online after 8 days without internet service and yeah I think hate comes to mind when I think about my service, kind of had to fight the costumer service idiots to do a proper check on my mobile device to see that something indeed was not working well and after 8 ()&&%$ days the problem is still there it seems but I’m doing several tests to confirm (videos are cut and do not load to the end not even slowly), so I need to catch up on the last days of NYFW and what has been coming in from LFW.
Playing catch up with fashion is not fun when such mammoth of information is generated every 5 minutes.
Sooo posting will return to normal as of today (here’s hoping) and I’m investing time into changing providers as of today.
Any info you think I might NEED to know from what has come out of the Fashion Weeks for the last 8 days you think I should know? Share!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do you already have a list of craves from New York Fashion Week???

So the insatiable consumer hunger is at full speed thanks to NYFW ¿do you have any most have/emulate list already? I’m curious to know what you guys are craving so far so we can compare notes! Oh and just to get things started here’s a neckie from Vivienne Tam's SS2011 that needs to be around my neck, it’s bold and romantic at the same time which I find 100% appealing. So take to the comments and let me know what’s on your list!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

My favorite hairstyle so far from NYFW via Mandy Coon SS2011

This is a deceptively simple hairstyle but it is after all a “show” hair do, I dare you to step out in it!
No seriously even for all its apparent simplicity it would be hard to make in the first place and then trying to maintain it decent looking for a full day of activities.

pics tnx to

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

NYFW Diversity: Organic by John Patrick leads the way

So finally fashion week is upon us, so far so good but the mammoth of information we’ll be absorbing in the next few weeks is gonna leave us exhausted, I’m actually tired already just thinking about it but at the same time it’s a great feeling of discovery like opening x-mas presents. So I begin by giving a round of applause for Organic by John Patrick and his casting team for including diversity in their 19 look presentation (Sept.8).
What I love is that they did not just put one black girl just to have one and call it a day, all their models had the same “vibe” regardless of race, so it was a very cohesive flow that showcased the clothes in the best possible light.
The collection is lovely with great proportions and low key styling complete with a soft take on siren wavy hair.
I’m hoping this is just the first of many shows with a multicultural cast.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nudity Lately on Fashion Editorials

Nudity, what gives? I’m not a prude by any means and I actually recent the hoopla that a little boob elicits whether on TV or printed media while shirtless men barely gather a second look unless the shirtless man in question is really hot so you just have to look again and again and then some more and can develop into a cult-like phenomenon a la Taylor Lautner.

By Paolo Roversi

But I can’t help but question all the breasts on display on fashion editorials lately, if it does not feel transgressive then what is the point?
Women have nothing to be ashamed of their bodies? True
No bra under a sheer top to preserve the integrity of the piece? Yes (in an editorial do not dare to hit the streets like that unless you are very brave)
Do we need to see the models deliberately expose themselves just because? No
Are the boobies going to make potential buyers want a pair of pants more? I don’t think so.

By Johan Sandbergh

I can’t help but wonder if the photographers just go “ok hun now show me some tittays” in the middle of the shoot. It all derives from a cultural obsession with women and their lovely humps from both men and women but curiously the ones I’ve encountered lately have been produced by a male photographer…coincidence?
I agree with this statement Carolyn Latteier shares in her book:
“Breast: the women’s perspective on an American obsession”

These contemporary stereotypes have their roots buried deep in Western civilization’s long tradition of devaluing the fleshy and the sexual. Socially and politically, this metaphysical malaise has played itself out on the bodies of women. Under a historically male controlled power structure, the qualities of fleshy sexiness are projected onto women’s bodies.
Those fleshy objects must be ruled, regulated and owned.

By Jonas Bresnan

I mean at times fashion spreads feel a little like Playboy, only glamorized since you know its fashion with capital F, but since the core of this stories is not about showing the emancipation of women from double standards and friends the result is more times than not raunchy and self serving without even going into Terry Richardson territory.

By Peter Lindbergh

I would like society stop equating the nude female body with impurity, sexuality is not a bad thing; women are not responsible for men’s dirty thoughts when they encounter breasts covered or otherwise. Boobs should not be used just for shock value because there is nothing inherently shocking about them, they are the bomb and we should be proud.
So do you care at all for the abundance of breasts in fashion editorials lately?

By Sean and Seng

All the pictures are from editorials for September issues of different magazines via FGR.
Now you ask: Máriel what’s with the weird censoring?
My reply: I don’t want the "G" police to shut down my blog.

EDIT: tnx Ginger for pointing out the models share a prepubescent body with the exception of Eniko, but that may be due to the preference of designers to cast nearly flat chested girls as to avoid “disturbing” the lines of a design. These girls then become famous and get cast for editorials. It’s a chain.

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Life in Sephia: camel clothes

Behold the power of bland the beige-camel spectrum, yeah nothing groundbreaking but, and a very important but, it all looks so pretty and relaxed, the outfits show the way many are craving to dress lately which in my case is only a portion of days but still.
The beauty of this type of styling’s on everyday life is looking trend savvy and cute without much effort or trying too hard. Just pile on the pieces and you are good to go!
Plus this look goes so well with sexy bed head and barely any makeup it’s a win win.
Now take note of the eyelet shirt on the fourth image…I need a similar one in my life a.s.a.p.

This editorial is from online mag Naag via FGR

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Can't wait: Lanvin for H&M!!!!!!!

How cute is Mr. Elbaz???

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"Trend Hunting: Appliquéd Flowers"

Ok people one of the trends that I’m excited to wear is flowers the 3D version, we saw it on several collections like Erdem and Miu Miu, you can add it to your closet in several little accessories if you are not into wearing floral printed clothes, like the bags from Valentino and Miu Miu (the latter already sold out at NAP) or a cool headband.
I’m already working on a DIY neckie which I’ll show you soon I hope and hunting for a garment with this technique at an affordable price tag…maybe it will be DIY too…

Images via Style, NAP and errrr sorry don't recall where I got the headband one


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