Thursday, August 19, 2010

yesterday's healthy lunch

I ate something healthy yesterday and I liked it, the recipe was tweaked from one I saw online to fit what I had available. I’m not a big salad as a main course fan but this was delicious. So in lack of any outfit demonstrations I bring you food pics!
The dish looks messy but I promise it was good.

It’s a tuna salad with onion/garlic croutons, carrot, bell pepper, raisins, cabbage and a simple dressing of vinegar and olive oil (no Thousand Island this time), very fresh and filling.

It was too good to be true as a few minutes later I drank this:

Then procrastinating from my packing duties (yeah that’s still going on, I’m finishing I promise) I had a little fun with Supie in the backyard, trying to get him in the mood to pose for some pics.


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