Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's rock a little mystery


Shall we bring the veil back???? Think about all the mystery points it can give your look!!!
Com'on let's ditch the sunglasses and be more approachable Daphne Guinness style.
btw this pic tnx to the wonderfull eye of Irving Penn.


Haute World said...

Gorgeous shot! I'm all for the veil, though perhaps not during the day and definitely not indoors. I love the elegance of it though!

jamie-lee said...

I think perhaps it would look stunning as part of a fascinator for the evning? x

M said...

I'm feeling inclined towards only the veil as if held by magic in its place. As for the time of day to wear it...whatever your personal taste dictates!


Etrapar said...

Daphne is a great woman...^.^

briannelee said...

Very pretty image!!!


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