Thursday, August 12, 2010

Black leather clothes my heart desires!

What started with an itty bitty leather bralette has evolved in the last two days into a full blown obsession with all things black leather, honestly I don’t get it since the weather is not leather friendly at the moment not even the very thin ones, but hey I’ll just roll with it.
Is this what being trapped in Natalia Brilli’s world feels like? (Remember her black leather rock band? Yeah me too, thinking on the amount of work that went into it makes me dizzy).

Yesterday it was all about pants, available shapes, what I would wear with them, etc. It's a mix of refined and quirky in a black and blush color scheme which is weird since I tend to gravitate to bright colors, crap I might be returning to the black & blue wardrobe phase or maybe it’s all this rain influencing my color choices? I also love top hats at the moment so it was fun to squeeze one into the looks with a mustache ring for humor (as in the mustache said hat is associated with…a la Gangs of NY).
Today it was all about skirts and how many I could cram together in the image with their accoutrements, this time the scarf became a belt and a plaid shirt a jacket (most likely with rolled up sleeves) and again a masculine note showed up in the shape of a bow tie illustration on a white T. Also some color was involved!

Ok so now all I need is a few thousand Benjamin’s to buy all my pretty outfits *sigh*


jamie-lee said...

I like your polyvore creations - I'm still yet to use it! Seems like the choices are endless to mix and match dream outfits on it though :)

KcomeKarolina said...

great great great collages!
thank you for your sweet comment! don't hesitate to follow me on bloglovin or facebook! :D have a nice weekend!
xoxo from rome


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