Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Beauty Trend: Do not follow!!!!

Don’t do it! Don’t even think about it! This is me practically begging you not to follow this fantastic this recipe for disaster of a beauty trend even if it becomes all the rage. Because we know how editorials tend to be imitated especially when it comes from Vogue Italia and yes it looks really cool but only in the context of this particular story, it won’t look this hot in real life unless you are the singer of an indie band and wear it on stage in all your gritty glory under harsh lights.
On the other hand the styling on this editorial is fantastic, emphasis on the humongous neckies!!!!
So thanks Vogue Italia for the refresher on toxic beauty trends…

You can enjoy the full editorial at FGR 
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Asteria said...

despite it all, i do like the necklace in the last pic and the black dress from the 3rd pic :) you just have to inject some of yourself into these trends and morphed it in your own way i guess

M said...

yeah I'm all for the clothes the problem for me is the lips area

MVG said...

There are somethings that are no so horrible (the necklace from the last photo I can see myself wearing it. And maybe -maybe- even the black dress that goes with it).

I suppose that at the end of the day fashion is like art. (but when it looks way to much like a Dali just run away as fast as you can!!!)


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