Friday, July 9, 2010

we always need more underwear especially if by JPG and La Perla

The fact that Jean Paul Gaultier was collaborating with La Perla had completely escaped me until I saw the pics from his couture runway and along came Dita Von Teese to marvel us all with a confection that reminded me of black sand sparkling at noon and a rib cage (such odd references I know).

Off course a searching frenzy ensued, there had to be pictures of at least a few of the looks that will go on sale in november at a very “friendly” price range.
But you know when it comes to collabs like this money does not factor in the equation its Gaultier AND La Perla!!!
All pieces by the brand I’ve ever had have been lovingly worn to shreds as to me pretty/practical underwear is the basis of any look, a good base can transform how a garment molds to my body, it changes my mood and no, undergarments do not need to be La Perla to have nearly magical shaping powers but they are special pieces to own and add to that JPG who put the bra on the map with Madonna’s famous conical bra, I mean the man has an affinity with underwear.
In my view almost no other designer could have been a better choice for a match of this caliber and I’m excited to see the 27 pieces a.s.a.p. are you?


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