Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My new nail do!!!

Darlings I present my proud first attempt at an inverse French manicure or whatever the trendy name for this is, I’m not much of a nail art follower (sticking golden Eiffel towers or a drawing of your dog on your thumb) as most of it is tacky to me but I do believe it can look awesome on the right person i.e. not me.
I do love layering colors, crazy colors, a subtle pattern or a wild one a la Minx and then I saw a pic of Jennifer L.H. wearing this inverted frenchie in bright yellow

Fell in love because it’s a simple way to bring edge to nails without going to extremes.
I chose neon orange for the tips and for my toes which were done simple as it would be too complicated as I was doing my own nails (with out any guide stickers), loving the result and obvs I’m choosing not to show you the messy state of my fingers when tip color application was over hahaha what you see is the cleaned off version in an improvised outdoors photo shoot (quite glamorous I had snacks hahaha).
Not quite perfect but that’s ok next time will be better, is there any nail trend you are itching to try? Let me know so I can check it out too! xx


pic of Jennifer's nails tnx to Hair on the Brain, the other pics I took myself


mami of 3 said...

Love this look. what is the color you used?
I've done this look twice before with a hot pink tip and a blue with a silver glitter thinner stripe just below the blue - i really like it.

M said...

the color I used was Divertida by Masglo Profesional Beauty, its really bright!
hot pink was my second option actually

Haute World said...

Awesome job with the nails! Hadn't actually seen the inverse French manicure until now, but it looks great, especially with that color. Agree that most other nail trends veer towards the tacky side...

Asteria said...

i never thought of using other colour than white to do a frenchie!thx for the eye-opener, i think im gonna try to do a red one!

Miiicha said...

nice color for the summer!

Marissa said...

Love the orange with the solid orange toes! I'm pretty good at painting my own nails, but this might be a little too advanced for me.

xo Marissa
(The Well-Appointed Catwalk)


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